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Body In Motion

I’ve often said, a body in motion stays in motion. That’s a huge understatement for Barbara Elia. The woman is a Dynamo! I was first impressed with Barbara about a year ago when I saw her trail running in Modesto after racing a 5K race!  In fact, at our last race together, she raced The Park Fete 10K in the morning fallowed by a jog afterwards only to keep herself loose for The Davis Half Marathon she had planned to race later that night. She placed 2nd in both races in her age division.  Barbara is no stranger to running, in fact she has been running for 33 years and has been a proud member of The Shadow Chase Running Club since 1996. So perhaps you’re thinking, OK two runs in one day, placing 2nd Cool!  But not far out of the norm for a true runner. But what makes Barbara a Dynamo in my book is that when most folks her age think of running, it’s generally about running to the nearest drug store for their medications in their car. Modesto View Readers, Barbara will be 67 years old this year, Like I said, Dynamo! Perhaps, you might have seen Barbara running around Modesto because she runs daily and prefers to run outside all year long no matter what season. Barbara runs about 80 miles a week with a minimum of 10 miles a day to get herself ready for her weekend runs/races ranging 16-20 miles with a grand total of about 400 miles per month, every month, 12 months a year. Dynamo! Or, as Jay-Jay from the 1970’s Good Times TV Show would say, “Dy-No-Mite!”  So, perhaps you’re thinking about mobility and how can she be 66 years old and running for 33 years. She must wake up as stiff as a board and tired.


Modesto View readers; a body in motion stays in motion. Barbara started running in her 30’s and has kept with it. It’s helped her keep her mobility and a healthy weight. Barbara pretty much eats whatever she wants and her preferred types of food are carbohydrates such as pasta, breads, and pizza.  Her all time favorite dish at any meal is desert. As a runner, Barbara is able to enjoy so much good food without gaining any weight and she’s healthier than the average women in her age group. Heck, in her age decade! I asked Barbara what she enjoys most about running? Her answer, “The Endorphin Release! When I’m done, I have more energy to teach my class and work out afterwards at the MJC gym.”  


Barbara is a long distance racer/runner, in fact she tells me that it takes her a least 5 miles just to warm up. This would explain why she loved running The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run in 2005 at the age of 60. Finishing in 29 hours 36 minutes and how she recently qualified for The Boston Marathon as a Super in the 2010 Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon with a time of 4 hours 45 minutes. I asked Barbara, what advice would you give our young readers out there on fitness and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle? “Make time! Don’t try to do so much too soon; give yourself 3 months to establish an exercise routine, your body will let you know what’s good for you as far as exercising as well as eating a healthy diet”


In conclusion, I asked Barbara to share a few words in fitness with our masters 50 plus age division. “Being Active is Normal! Just do it whatever it is and get moving! I recommend walking as a good start to keep your bones dense and strong. Also weight-bearing activity prevents problems down the line and will help prevent osteoporosis. Being active is normal; Get Yourself Moving!”


Quake Note:

The Shadow Chase Club Running Club now has a walking group all levels welcomed and I invite you all to come out to the August 13, 2011 – V.I.P.S. Keep Moving Forward 10k Run & 5k Run/Walk, in Riverbank. Last year I place 1st in my age division and 2nd over all. This year I will take no prisoners to claim 1st over all. Come out and show me how it’s done and try to de-throne me at the winner’s circle. For more information on this run as well as the shadow chase walking group please contact the nice folks at the shadow chase running club at there website



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