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Bottlerock 2014 Uncorks!

BottleRock Uncorked!

By Chris Murphy
Photos By Michael J Mangano

We hope you enjoyed our live updates as Napa’s Bottlerock unfolded this weekend.

This was truly a weekend of epic music, and the scene was chill, exciting, tasty and really easy to operate.   The ViewCrew did the whole VIP experience and dove in headfirst from opener to the end.   We ate, drank, listened and had a blast hanging out with everyone.

The highlight of our weekend was the Cure, in one of their rare performances in the USA this year.   The fans were so excited from start to finish and prompted the band to keep playing, beyond the PA being turned off, ultimately standing on the edge of the stage, singing a capella, It was magic and a total treat.

Bottlerock fans were treated to fun things like a “Silent Disco” where dancers all had headphones sharing the same soundtrack. Trippy to watch and do.   We did not go hungry as there were so many choices for food, from vegan to super ultra deepfried, we just went from place to place.   The food court was smack dab in the middle.

The night skies were bright with the return of Outkast as you could see and hear it from just about every point in Bottlerock.   Heart tore up the stage and brought down the house with their Led Zeppelin set following a dynamite show from Blues Traveller.   Weezer fans got a super dose of the Rivers Cuomo creativity and fireworks, balloons and general mayhem from Matt and Kim.   Matt and Kim were one of the best of the weekend according to festival goers we asked.   Great to see long time favorites Cracker who just always put on a good show. Hoping for a back to back with Camper Van Beethoven, but this was just fine.

There were many other stages for intimate acoustic events and the 3rd big stage featured crowd favorites Smashmouth who really got the crowd revved up. There were lots of places to hang out, lounges, couches, benches and a lot of shade. There is a lot to like about the fairground setting for Bottlerock.

The ViewCrew gives Bottlerock 2014 a monster thumbs up and are very happy that this event came back to life with new and energized leadership.   We can’t wait to see what will be in store for next year.

For more photos, check out and the official BottleRock website

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