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BrewView Frozen Summer Fun

Frozen Summer Fun
By theViewCrew

Oh no!
Do we only have one more month of summer? So many of us all have to be working and doing the regular things when kids go back to school. Does that mean we will miss happy hour? Will we get creative? Do we have to grab and go? It is a million degrees outside? Do we want cruise by on our Vespas and grab a nice cold drink and enjoy the evening? We love our cocktails and we like a refreshing drink and this month we get all frothy frozen. Be it a patio, a bar, or even a backyard BBQ, we are going to enjoy something refreshing and tasty. We are happily going out on a boozy limb for our amazing ModestoView readers to bring you the freshest and frostiest.

The JERK from Minnie’s
This is the ultimate summer drink and there is no regional equal and should have it’s own top shelf award as the ultimate combo brain bomb / refresher for all of Modesto history. This tasty super turbo charged rum fueled and sweet and refreshing treat stands the test of time. Invented by the legendary Peter Mah as a toxic insult to jerky partrons, hence the name – Jerk. Enjoy when you have a lot of time to kill and keep open flame away. Served daily at Minnie’s. Minnies is at 107 McHenry near 5 points.

Root Beer Float – Twisted Pig
Ok, it is hard not to stop off at Twisted Pig. Besides the “bacon infused everything”, it is such an easy fun place to hang out and get some thing that is both “frosted” and “twisted”. This root beer float is really something special and not surprisingly, disappears as fast as it appears. It is so tasty, not too cold and it is rich and “lushious”. This frosty treat is made with alcoholic “Not Your Fathers Root Beer” and the Twisted Pig’s own specialty created maple bacon bourbon ice cream by our local Velvet Creamery.
Twisted Pig is at 2727 Coffee, near Floyd

Slurpee and Rum
Ok, this is the easiest way to cruise some tasty rum.
There is an easy way and a healthy way. Easy – Stop by any of your favorite 7/11s and pull down a nice big Slurpee. Cover and Insert straw, take home or to a picnic. Healthy way – Stop by your favorite fruit smoothie place like Yogurt Mill and get a nice tall one. Pick a nice fruit flavor, we like the mango, pineapple blends. Cover, insert straw and take home. Once you have your place to enjoy, we recommend a nice dark rum. Remove the lid, slurp down some of your ice cold beverage (watch out for brain freeze) and then slowly stir in your favorite dark rum. Relax and enjoy. This is really basic and 100% foolproof. Best part of all, you are already home or where you are going to be. This is a ViewCrew tested plan.

Here is the bonus for this option, we have discovered Do Good Rum, stilled right here in Modesto USA. It is amazing, we bought ours at O’brien’s Market and it is served at Rivets American Grill and many other places. You really need to check it out. The ViewCrew loves rum and this is a winner. You can also get it at Jack’s on Oakdale Rd. The DoGood Distillery can be found at Tours and tastings can be arranged online.

Ok ModestoView friends, we really want you to enjoy all of these treats, but please make sure you Uber or Lyft home when you have enjoyed a few too many. We want you back here next month.



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