Frampton Live!

Frampton Live!
By Efren Martinez

His playful humor kept the crowd smiling and his music showed them the way. I found his personality very whimsical, and at times he stood on stage hunched over giggling from the crowd’s responses to his stories of his music history. When you think of a vintage rocker such as Peter Frampton, you really wouldn’t think of J.R. Walker and The All Stars, well at least I wouldn’t. Surprisingly, Peter shared with his fans that he has a taste for Motown music and that J.R. Walker is one of his favorite Motown artists. Honestly, I never really listened to Peter Frampton much when I was growing up. After all, I was just a kid in the 70’s; still into Bugs Bunny instead of long haired micro-phoning talk-box rockers. Back then I can remember yelling at my sister, Debra, to turn down her 8-Track stereo as it blasted Frampton’s music.

During the show, Peter’s performance kept mostly everyone in their seats for the entire concert. That’s some good, hypnotic-feeling music considering most of the fans who were there, myself included, were over 40 years young. Needless to say, the washrooms were the most popular spot after the show. All kidding aside, yes Mr. Frampton: that’s proof positive you can still deliver at the age of 65. The only reason that I’m mentioning all this is that during the show Peter shared with the crowd that he wasn’t sure if he could still “do it” like he used to. Regardless, Peter is all good, because he shared that he still has all of his own teeth. That’s the whimsical and humorous Peter Frampton that I’m talking about.

Between all that and his references to his buddy, Ringo Star, and the peace signs, Peter performed for nearly 2 hours. He opened the show with “Something’s Happening” followed by “Doobie Wah.” Peter finally came back on stage after a long wait for an encore with the songs “Off The Hooks” and “Weeps.” Perhaps he and the band might have been doing what most of us in our seats were looking to do and soon; freshen up in the washroom. Good for them!

Below is the set list from Peter Frampton’s Gallo performance, but before I close this out, I have to give a shout out to the keyboardist. He is one talented guy and not only was I impressed with the way he played, but also with his vintage style keyboard. My friends, I haven’t seen a keyboard like that since those old fashion holiday gatherings at my wife’s grandparent house. Cheers!

Set List:
Something’s Happening
Doobie Wah
Show Me
Road Runner/Signed
Plain Shame
Go to The Sun
Black Hole
Do You Feel
Encore songs
Off the Hook

Band Members:
Stanley Sheldon – Bass
Rob Arthur – Keys, Gtr, Vocs
Dan Wojciechowski – Drums
Adam Lester – Gtr, Vocs


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