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Hey Bartender

Hey Bartender!
By Charles Cathcart

The other day someone came into my bar, and asked me a question. This was something I hear very often, and it’s a question I’m sure that every bartender, and anyone in the beverage industry have heard at one time or another. So, I will answer this to the best of my knowledge. I was asked, “What’s good here?”

When you’re out on the town, and having drinks, you have to consider where you’re at to determine what may be good at any particular establishment. For instance, I work at a place that specializes in American Whiskey, and craft beer. So, we take a little more pride in those types of drinks at my bar. In that case, as a bartender I may suggest a nicely aged bourbon, or a malty stout.

Although that could be the correct answer in that circumstance, it usually is not. When that question comes up, the customer usually wants to try something new that they may not have tried elsewhere. So, what’s a bartender to do?

We can show our guests a cocktail menu, and maybe give a few drink options. But, if you want a really good cocktail you’re going to have to give your bartender some type of guidance as to what you prefer. With all of the liquor, mixers, and tools behind the bar; we can make what seems to be an infinite amount of different types of cocktails.

The drink possibilities are endless. So, you have highballs, coffee drinks, martinis, shooters, smashes, sours, tropical drinks, and the list goes on. Most bars, and restaurants around this area can cater to those types of cocktails.

So, think about what style of drink you’re in the mood for, consider what type of establishment you’re at, and ask for a really good (——————)

So the answer to the question really depends on what each individual person considers to be good.

Publishers Note: This is a new article from the bartender point of view that will appear both in print and online as we you know, we are all about trying to help our readers enjoy the best of local cocktails, craft beverages and the local places that make our nightlife interesting. Yes, we are here to help.



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