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There is a cool thing happening in 10th St Place. Of of Modesto’s restaurant legends, Christopher Benora, the chef behind Christopaolo’s, Oceana, and Benni’s way back with Paul Tremayne has a new place in the space next to Fuzio’s. Only open a few days a week, the menu is amazing and changes all the time. You need to check this place, explore and enjoy the independent dining in Downtown Modesto.

Read the menu below, doesn’t this sound delicious.

Forwarding an invite to Piccolo Benni’s restaurant, with head chef Christopher formerly of Oceana Bar & Grill

Piccolo Benni’s menu for Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3 is included below. If you are a lamb fan, then this is your week to visit! Chef Christopaolo has an a half rack of lamb and a double bone chop to the menu.

Message from Christopher: “Piccolo Benni’s opens for your dining pleasure at 5p.m. every Thursday and Friday evening.We are located at 1020 10th Street, next door to Fuzio’s and directly across from the Brenden Theatres.The phone number is 209-556-8585. We hope to see you there!”

PICCOLO PIATTI Benni’s Garlic Bread Italian Rustic Bread Antipasti Assortimenti –frittata, giardinera, salami, olives, cheese, roasted vegetables Salumi – three types of salami, olives, mustard fruit Formaggi – three Italian cheeses, citrus marmalade Salumi e Formaggi – combination of the previous two Polenta con Formaggi – parmigiano, fontalmauri Verduri Arrosti e Griglia – roasted and grilled seasonal vegetables Barbe Rosse, Cipolle, Gorgonzola – roasted beets, red onion, gorgonzola, fresh spinach Insalata Verde Mista – mixed greens, seasonal vegetables, Benni’s dressing Minestra del Giorno – soup of the day PASTA Fettuccini ai Fruitti Di Mare – prawns, calamari, fin fish, clams, mussels Rigatoni Bolognese – northern Italian style meat sauce Spaghettini All’amatricianna – pancetta, onions, tomatoes Mostaccioli allo Benni – lamb, onion, rosemary and things Rigatoni alla Siciliana – fresh tomato, olives, capers, chili Fettuccini alla Panna con Pollo – chicken, zucchini, cream sauce Rigatoni Ratatouille – eggplant, zucchini, onion, tomato, red peppers, celeriac Linguini Carbonara – pancetta, black pepper, parmigiano cream sauce Fettuccini allo Daniele – chicken, cream, wild mushrooms PIATTI FORTI Pollo Brasato allo Benni – braised chicken in sherry cream sauce Roasted Half Rack of Lamb Double Bone Lamb Chop DOLCE Mama Jeanne’s Bread Pudding Chocolate Cake with Mascarpone Cream Marsala Ricotta Cheesecake Lemon Mousse



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