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Royal Blood Takes Off Off

GlobalView Royal Blood Interview By: Efren Martinez While covering the Aftershock rock music festival recently I somehow got caught up in a mosh pit. For this 140lbs Modesto View crew member, it was either mosh or be moshed. Since then, I have found a new revised view on my Rock music that goes beyond the few bruises I ended up with in my mosh pit experience. Honestly, I enjoyed it and I’m now finding myself listening and searching out more Rock’ish and Heavy Metal bands to add in my music library. Just recently I came across the band Royal Blood. Although the band isn’t as hard or as heavy of a band that might encourage a mosh pit, they are an energetic new Rock Alternative experience that many other professional recording artists prefer to accompany them while on the road. Royal Blood just released their debut full length LP on August 25 via Warner Bros, which debuted at Number 1 on the UK Album Chart. While in the US last month, they sold out dates at Glasslands, The Roxy and at the Mercury Lounge show which was attended by Jimmy Page himself who’s a massive fan. Since then, Royal Blood has really taken off in a huge way internationally selling out concerts overseas. Just recently they landed once again in the US for an amazing TV performance on the Jimmy Kimmel show. In the early part of the summer they spent playing in all the major UK festivals before returning to the US for a long list of headlining touring dates that supported other bands like the Arctic Monkeys, Portugal The Man and The Pixies. At the end of September, I spoke to the bassist/singer Mike Kerr, from Royal Blood by phone, about their new album and upcoming show at The Masonic Auditorium with The Pixies in San Francisco, CA on September 30th. Mike’s thrilled about their upcoming show in San Francisco. The shows they’ve been playing at have been an energetic vibe equally the same from here in the US to across the big pond in Europe. Quite frankly none in the band expected any of their early on success so sudden from their new LP. It’s been less than a month that their new LP debuted and they are on fire with demand from all over the world. I asked Mike if there was any particular reason why they didn’t give the new LP a title outside of the bands name. Mike’s biggest reason was that naming their album after themselves gave the LP exactly what they wanted to deliver to the fans. The LP sound portrays exactly who and what they are as a band of two so calling it anything else just wouldn’t have worked. Royal Blood’s new LP has a total of 10 tracks and is available wherever cool music is sold. Parental advisory is suggested, but they do offer two separate downloads on iTunes, explicit and clean. The songs I’m really digging of their new LP right now are the ones they enjoy most playing live; “Ten Tonne Skeleton” and “Out of the Black.” Join me on the 30th of September in San Francisco at The Masonic Auditorium where Royal Blood will be opening up the show for The Pixies. Efren Martinez Available on iTune & Royal Blood & The Pixies Sept 30th 2014 (Masonic Auditorium San Francisco) Genre Alternative Rock Band Members Michael Kerr – Bass/Vocals Ben Thatcher – Drums Record Label Black Mammoth Records Home Town United Kingdom Media Links Video Royal Blood (Figure it Out) Royal Blood music sampler Audio Video Interview



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