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Star Wars At Disneyland

Star Wars At Disneyland
By Russ Allsup

I recently took my 18 year old nephew Eli to Disneyland. The last time I went there was with him also, when he was six. This was an extra special day because it was the opening
day of their new Star Wars attractions, Season of the Force, and the Star Wars Launch Bay. This was a big deal for Star Wars fans- the park was packed with fans of the film franchise, and all around these new attractions were a buzz of excitement. This was the first thing we went to check out once we got there, and after waiting in line, we got in and and were overwhelmed by the amount of props and costumes from the new film ‘The Force Awakens’.

If you love the Star Wars films or have children that do, you should make the trip to Disneyland just for those attractions alone- you’ll be in Star Wars heaven. After that, we went on the rides that are on the must do list for me because they’re the one’s I remember from my first trip to the park when I was six, back in 1973- Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s A small World, and Peter Pan’s Adventure, along with a few others in the main park and also in the companion park, California Adventure. Because of the time of year (late November), we were also treated to the Christmas Parade, which is truly unique.

As much as I enjoyed the day, the best part honestly were the looks on all the kids faces that were there- pure bliss.



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