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Weight Loss & Shaved Legs?


By Efren Martinez

Weight Loss & Shaved Legs?


When you look at Brian, it’s more than noticeable how much weight he’s lost recently and it only makes his handsome shaved head more attractive, but his legs too? More on that here after a bit; I met Brian 2 years ago at Fun Sport Bikes in Modesto when I was looking for a new road bike, he knows bikes and he dialed me in with a perfect bike for my Triathlons.  With just a few recent modifications, I’ve increased my speed quite a bit from my earlier days when I first started riding with him.  Back then he was weighing in at 204lbs and yet, he was still very fast on a road bike. In fact, I struggled to pass him on the road.  For the longest time, I studied his form, his bike, as well as his pace on how he was always able to tackle a hill and always come out on top first. I was totally intrigued and I couldn’t figure out how such a heavy man could be so fast on a bike, especially uphill. Well, just recently I paid him a visit and much to my surprise he was thinner, like 35lbs thinner! WOW! He looked great including all of his handsome self and his shaved head too. I asked him, how did you do it? His reply, “Efren, it was as easy as riding a bike”. OK sure, but after having my own experience with weight loss weighing in at over 300lbs not too long ago, I just knew that there had to be more to it than just riding his bike.

Just the same, I knew that there would be no keeping up with him now. He was fast before, now he’s screaming fast and recently he started racing. In fact he just completed his first bike race and did very well. Out of 40 racers, he placed 16th. Not bad for his first race. Still, the fact that he is and always has been so fast on a bike amazed me. As time went by, I stared to study his persona. What makes this guy strong, what makes this guy go, what makes this guy fast? Well if you know Brian, you know that he’s a great guy and in a ride he will make sure you’re OK if you break down before he goes on. Still, after much thought on this, it came to me! Perhaps it’s his handsome shaved head. Less hair makes him more aerodynamic, it just makes sense right. Well, no. Not really, we all wear helmets so in theory we are kind of riding with shaved heads. All of us even the ladies. I’ll stop there just to save some of us the thought of your wife riding next to you bald as Mr. Clean. Oops! Sorry, damage done, picture painted in your mind now.

Anyway, after some more deep thought on Brian, I came up with the only possible explanation,  it has to be his legs. Muscular? Sure. But shaved legs too, hmm? Those of us who know Brian knows that his email address starts with shaved legs. So could that his secret on why he is so fast? So sleek, so aerodynamic, zero drag. Ridiculous, sure and honestly I can’t really say, I have never checked out his legs for razor burn. But, you can bet your sweet Astronauts that I will be paying more attention on what peddles his bike and will find out eventually. Does Brian really shave his legs for faster speeds on his bike or, is it still something else that only can be answered by Brian himself outside of my own silly mentality Twilight Zone of bicycle racing. Well whatever the case may be, you too can ask him personally about his fast speeds and weight loss at the next Ride To Cure Cancer on October 16th 2011.  This is his 7th year he’s produced this event that benefits The Triumph Program at Memorial Medical Center. The rides consist of a 25, 50, or 75-mile bicycle ride. The Event will have rest stops, sag support and a great lunch provided by Mexicali Grill.

For more information please contact Brian Zahra at Funsport Bikes 209-523-2700. You can sign up for the ride at Funsport Bikes or go to and type in “ride to cure cancer” in the Modesto area. If you can’t make that one, look for him at The 35th Annual Wine & Cheese Century Ride in Riverbank on October 9th 2011.  That Event will have three routes, 106 miles, 100km & a 25-mile.  It’s a beautiful ride and for more information got to or register online at



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