³The Point is Joy² with Josiah Johnson

“The Point is Joy” with Josiah Johnson
By Abigail Power

The sun was setting over the skyline of San Francisco. It was early fall in 2011 at the Treasure Island Music Festival and it was the first time I remember seeing a new band live and falling immediately in love. The band? The Head and the Heart. The singer? Josiah Johnson. Johnson is originally from Southern California and moved to Seattle where he became one of the founding members of The Head and the Heart, the indie-folk band that single-handedly defined a decade of my music consumption.

The ViewCrew was lucky to get to talk to Johnson about his new tour, the process of making music, and his upcoming live show presented by Off The Air on Monday, May 8th with Birthday Dad at Green’s on Tenth in Downtown Modesto! Since leaving the band and starting a solo career in 2018, Johnson released his solo album, Every Feeling on a Loop, in 2020 and now resides in the Bay Area. Every Feeling on a Loop was recorded in New York and made in a time when Josiah was processing the emotions and experiences from leaving the band and finding the path forward during a difficult time. Songs like “False Alarms” and “I Wish I Had” weave his story of feeling your way through the cycle of emotions and knowing that things will pass and, eventually, things will come back, all in a loop. Johnson is touring now with songs from this album as he couldn’t tour when the album came out during the pandemic and the live performances feel unique for him each time with different arrangements from the recording studio sessions.

Did we mention the horn section and instrumental accompaniments are out of this world? Today, Josiah is about to release his new album in May and is back on the road touring with The Head and the Heart. Johnson released the single “Hello Hello on Fire” from his forth coming album in 2022 and has a pop energy that diverges from his classically folk background. Johnson says it’s an interesting time for him because he’s creating new sounds and experimenting with different musical styles, but is also going back into his old repertoire and re-learning songs from over ten years ago.

Johnson just completed a tour in Europe with Maya Elise from Italy to Sweden and is now beginning a series of shows across the country performing both solo sets and joining THATH at venues like the legendary Red Rocks in Colorado. At Down in the Valley Festival 2023 in September, Johnson will be playing a solo set as well as joining The Head and the Heart for a full circle moment where old and new can meet. Johnson’s new album is filled with hope, optimism, new sounds, and techniques with “Carry Me” standing out as a favorite for Johnson. Johnson tells us “the point is joy” in his new music.

Modesto, let’s turn on Johnson’s new record, support live music, and treasure a moment of joy together. We can’t wait to give it a listen and see Johnson on May 8th in Downtown Modesto. Get your tickets today! Limited to 100 guests and open to all ages.

Green’s On Tenth
Monday, May 8th 2023
Tickets available online and at the door!
$15.00 – 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM


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