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ComedyView: Laughs are Getting Stronger

ComedyView: Laughs are Getting Stronger
By Felicia Aleman
Hello, hello, hello. It’s my View-a-versary! One year ago I started writing the Comedy View column. Thanks to all five of you for reading. Send cake.
October = MAMA’s. During a lapse of judgement, I asked the comic MAMAnees why they should win. Taylor Evans: I want to show other crappy comics like Jason Sohm we have a chance in the world.  Marcus Peverill: ‘Cus I’m cute and cuddly. Saul Trujillo: I have the best chicken soup recipe in the game. I saw Suge Knight one time. AJ DeMello: I’m just here to get drunk.  Chris Teicheira: I am old and will probably be dead before the other MAMAnees. Serena Gamboa (the Spicy Latina): I produce for veterans, cannabis groups and more. Also, I fill the PC boxes of female, Latina and epileptic. Rhoda Ramone: Vote for the Spicy Latina, best rack in the 209. Andre Morton: I have devoted myself to Jesus. He’s given me the strength to persevere in this industry with his love. Jimmie Menezes: I’ve been building a #209comedy community so fans and artists can enjoy the quality stand-up found in large markets. Anthony K had no comment so you’ll have to guess whether he deserves your vote. MAMAs are announced October 16. Stay tuned.
On September 7, the State Theater and the Gallo Center both hosted sold-out comedy shows—an incredible feat in a city that has no comedy club and a small scene. The Gallo Center featured an all local comedy show with Anthony K headlining joined by Chris Teicheira and Taylor Evans. The 209 doesn’t have a local comedy festival, so all 209 comics were proud of the recognition.
Our pride was well placed with these three. The show was hilarious and on par with any Netflix special. Most importantly, this show had heart. All of the comics spoke honestly about valley life, tweakers and all, in a way that was hilarious and loving—like how the family talks about the silly cousin who has one cocktail too many at family gatherings. The storytelling was masterful and the laughs didn’t stop. Anthony K closed the show with a moving tribute to his grandmother that turned tears of laughter into more tears.
Modesto View readers, I can’t say it enough. See a local show. Support local talent. You won’t be disappointed.



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