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209MetalView-Thrashocalypse 2012!

209Metal View By Mike Vanek

THRASHOCALYPSE 2012 It took almost a year to produce, with problems at three different venues and Modesto Police and multiple delays, the 2nd annual Thrashocalypse actually happened.

This 2-day event started with a jubilant mood as people slowly rolled in. It was a great day of heavy metal with bands like Aimaora. This Times Brutal, Attackacardia, 3 Luna’s & Aborticide among others. At 6pm I was reminded of an email I was sent a few days earlier. I booked 2 bands that belong to an organization called The New York Death Militia (NYDM) and a band cancelled because he was told the NYDM was going to jump everyone at the show. We had an agreement with the Venue and the NYDM Bands that they wouldn’t be able to wear their vests at the show, as is the norm for venues in the Modesto area. I got a call from the band CURSED, the NYDM band from our area that their members were coming and NOT removing their vests. The next thing I knew there were 40 of these people wearing their vests vs. my 6 security guards. The things I heard being said about my show could not be repeated here but they reflect a GANG mentality that has NO PLACE in our metal scene! Luckily cooler heads prevailed and the situation was handled and nobody was hurt. THANK GOD! Due to the NYDM Situation we lost 4 bands and Day 1 ended on a somber note at 8pm but it was a memorable day of music.

Now Day 2 was a History making day for local metal! With bands like Decomposition, Forever Obscured, South Africa’s Contrast The Water, Reno Nevada’s Pain Clinic who made history by playing 2 songs with Rick Hunolt of Exodus, Nothing But Losers, Hatchet, Witchaven, Bonded By Blood and Warbringer. One of the major highlights was The A.F.A.R speech by Mr. Chris Kontos (Attitude Adjustment/Ex-Machine Head) who Introduced South Africa’s Contrast The Water who were one of the best bands I’ve ever seen! Also the Pain Clinic Set with Thrash Metal pioneer Mr. Rick Hunolt, formerly of Exodus, who after making a guest appearance with Exodus at Gary Holt’s (Exodus/Slayer) Wedding, played 2 song’s with Reno’s Pain Clinic. Soon after it was announced that he would play on their next album and would start a band of his own. All in all Thrashocalypse was a show we will never forget.

I would like to thank our friends at CENTRAL VALLEY DEATH METAL for supporting underground metal in the Modesto area and for letting us have our event at their venue, The Workshop. I will always respect these 6 gentlemen. We had a great time all weekend. These guys have supported local metal for 10 years or so and without any fanfare or notoriety. They are all about the metal as it should be and these guys have bands that just crushed Thrashocalypse like Decomposition and Aborticide. Thrashocalypse will return next year so watch out for it! That’s all for me this month.

Keep one foot in the gutter and one fist in the gold! Mike Vanek

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