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All Ages View – McHenry Museum

By Sofia Johnson

I recently had the pleasure of visiting our beautiful McHenry Museum. In the heart of downtown Modesto, stands one of the most historical structures of our city. I had the opportunity to sit down and learn about the museum from the knowledgeable and friendly docent, Jacquelyn Wooldridge.She told us all about the building’s rich history and architecture. The McHenry Museum actually began as Modesto’s first public library. Oramil McHenry willed $20,000 for this specific purpose once he had passed. The doors to this wonderful facility first opened to the public on May 1, 1912. Eventually, the modern Stanislaus County Library opened a block away, leaving the original library building vacant. In 2003, through the efforts of local volunteers, the former library became what is now the McHenry Museum for everyone to enjoy once again.

I encourage everyone to take the time to learn about all what the museum has to offer. The various exhibits have so much to learn about. From agriculture to Native American culture to the construction of the railroad, Modesto’s history is on full display. Not only does this amenity serve as enjoyment for the public, the museum can also be a resource for students. If you have a paper to write on the California Gold Rush or you want to impress your teacher with a report on the history of irrigation districts, check out the McHenry Museum. Because I have an interest in art and culture, my favorite display is of the Native American jewelry and basketwork. And you have to see the display of how a classroom looked 100 years ago! So, the next time you’re at the Saturday farmers market or looking for inspiration on your next research project, check it out, it’s free! But don’t forget that it is still local volunteers that keep the museum alive so donations are always appreciated 🙂 The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 12:00pm to 4:00pm

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