All Ages View – Who is Man’s Best Friend?

By Leia Johnson

Who is Man’s Best Friend?

A steady companion of many years or a new addition to the household, a dog can bring so much happiness to the new year. What most people don’t know is that many Modesto establishments have outside patios and encourage you to bring your furry friend. Harvest Moon, Barkin’ Dog Grill, Twisted Pig, Camp 4, Chefs of New York and Redwood Cafe all have these outdoor patio areas that are completely pup friendly. Whenever my family brings our Goldendoodle, Ali, out with us, we have a stellar time. Beyond the fact that Ali is the cutest dog in the world, people love to approach us and pet her, which leads to great acquaintances.

It is also great fun to take your dog to less urban areas of Modesto. Some extremely accessible dog-friendly places are Dry Creek, Tuolumne River Trail, Virginia Corridor Trail and Knights Ferry. There are also multiple dog parks in Modesto, one of which is right off of the Virginia Corridor Trail! One of my favorite spots this time of year is the completely deserted Pinecrest Lake. Though it’s impossible to hike the whole lake during winter, there’s still a ton of open space for your pup to roam. If you’re already a summer in P-Crest lover, I highly recommend planning a trip in the winter.

A dear friend of my family, Darcie Kent, caught wind that my theme for the month was dog friendly establishments in the valley. She was excited to tell me that her vineyard in Livermore is fully dog friendly and all ages! Between the location, Darcie’s amazing art gallery, and (for those of you over 21 years) the wine tasting, it is a highly recommended outing. View the website and book a trip at

It’s going to be a divine first month of the year, keep up those resolutions! My songs for January are “Where’d All The Time Go” by Dr. Dog and “Hawaiian Boi” by Triathlon!



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