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All AgesView – Spring Break

AllAgesView By Leia Johnson

Spring Break is coming up and summer is right around the corner. Summer is about making lifelong memories, not about laying in bed watching TV all day. In 20 years are you going to remember that episode or are you going to remember giant games of hide and go seek and whipped cream fights?

I go to camp most of the summer. I went to 4 sessions of Foothill Horizons Summer Camp last summer. I recommend this camp to anyone. I’ve met some of my best friends there. You stay up in the foothills for a week with a ton of fun counselors, group games, good music, and so many memories. I also love acting and singing. An acting camp that I love to go to is called Hutton’s Hamlet. The camp is a half a day for two weeks in Oakdale. I’ve made so many new friends, learned new songs, and gained a lot of confidence onstage. If you don’t like singing, you can sign up for a nonmusical week, I’ve done both and they are equally fun. I also take a 2 week writing course at CSUS Great Valley Writing Project. I know school during the summer doesn’t sound appealing. It’s nothing like that, we play writing games and learn writing techniques. If art is more your type then check out the Chartreuse Muse art summer camps. I’ve taken many and they are so much fun, I go home everyday having learned multiple new art techniques. You can also take soccer courses with the AJAX program. When I was younger, I played AJAX and the coaches are super nice and supportive. Whatever your doing this summer, I hope that it includes tons of fun camps!

Are you in high school? Do you enjoy meeting new people and traveling? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you have to opportunity to go out of the country to either Japan or France this summer on a Sister Cities Exchange. You get to stay in one of these places with a family and spend the days with your Modesto group. Then later in the summer, the child from that family will come and stay in Modesto and you get to show them all of the wonderful things about it here. If you are interested in this occasion then visit the Sister Cities website You must apply online before May 1, 2014. I hope you have a great month planning your summer.

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