By Grace McNamara

Hey Modesto! I hope you all had an awesome May.
As you all know, one of the main things Modesto is known for is the Modesto Graffiti parade. This year it will be held from June 10th through the 12th. Dive into the rich history that Modesto has. The 10th will begin with the parade Friday evening and the show on the 11th and 12th. The cruise parade is located downtown and the show is at Modesto Junior college west campus. Modesto has the only official American Graffiti car show in the nation. The original cruisers would drive through 10th and 11th street downtown! A popular place during this time was Burges drive-in, but it sadly closed in 1967. The most known cruisers were called the Faros. This was a car club that was later renamed by George Lucas with changed spelling in “American Graffiti.” Although cruising is no longer allowed, we get the wonderful opportunity to do it once a year during the parade! The parade begins at 6 pm, and I hope to see everyone there and you need to register to cruise. The classic car show and festival will be held from 9 am -5 pm. The area’s best musicians will play many different music genres! There will be an award show for the best cars of 2022 at 2 pm. You don’t want to miss this amazing day!

With this hot weather we’re having, I highly recommend cooling off at the Modesto reservoir. This is a super fun activity to do with family and friends. This is also a fun place to go fishing! There are many activities allowed here, such as swimming, boating, jet skiing, bird watching, and waterfowl hunting! It is just off Highway 132. Many camping sites, picnic tables, archery ranges, and barbecues exist! I recommend spending a day here.
I hope you have a great June Modesto!

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