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AllAgesView – Escape Modesto!

By Leia Johnson
This past week, Modesto’s coolest new addition opened…Escape Modesto!

Five of my classmates and I, along with four new friends got to experience this for the first time. For those of you who don’t know, escape rooms are essentially real life video games. They all have different themes and within the room you get to search for clues, leading to more, to find the key to get out. In “King Tut’s Tomb”, we had an hour to solve the mix of riddles before we ran out of oxygen. Each member of our group helped in some sort of way to figuring out what certain things mean. The best part about this experience is that it is extremely all age and family oriented. A lot of the time, children are more creative than adults so bringing along someone younger would come to your advantage.

In life, every single person has a different way of thinking. These escape rooms help you embrace whatever you skill is and makes everyone feel like a detective. It was absolutely thrilling and the next day at school, everyone couldn’t stop talking about it. Seri (one of the owners) explained to me that they were planning on switching the escape rooms every couple of months so people will have a reason to come back. There are currently two rooms, King Tut’s Treasure and a Prison Break. I am looking forward to going back with my newfound love for escape rooms. If you are interested in booking an escape, visit​ Its location is 912 11th Street in Downtown Modesto! Grab some food from Barkin Dog, or Firkin Fox to celebrate your escape.

While you’re not out solving mysteries, help out a local girl scout troop! Girl Scouts is a great way to make friends and learn about giving back to your community. The sweet girls of Troop 3317 are having a blast presenting their new project. They are having a pajama and book drive on December 5th from 12 PM to 3 PM at the Our Lady of Fatima church parking lot. The supplies that they collect are going to children 0­-18 years old in foster homes and uneasy situations. All donations will be distributed to local kids. The goal is to collect 1,000 PJs. The main reason for these girls’ outstanding efforts is their want to give others what they don’t have. You can see a video about the program at any questions email<>

I am excited for what this month will bring, hope you all have a great one! Much love Motown!



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