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Mod Shop & DIYers: Made in Modesto

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By the ViewCrew

People who make things by hand are amazing.  People who actually fix things are even more amazing.  This goes hand in hand as it were, as the world gets comsumed by faceless small electronics with i-this and e-that, we lose touch with the things that we can actually touch and feel and make us feel real.


People say the millinials are not into our heritage and history, but my friends, I think it is just the opposite.  People want value, something real, something handmade and special, whether it is a craft cocktail, or a craft beer or or a downtown bar or restaurant that has been created from an old factory.  We are craving our authenticity.  As time goes by faster and the world moves quicker, we need that sense of connection about who we are, where we came from and we crave the quality of something handmade.  Well my friends, downtown Modesto is loaded with such gems and ModShop will showcase the world of the handmade.  On November 28, head to downtown Modesto and take your time and enjoy the over 60 crafters and makers and the special show case of kids crafts at Mini Mod Shop.  Truly something for everyone.

The creaters of this fine event are Kate Trompetter, Ruhi Sheikh and Tricia Rosemore.   ModShop is bigger than ever and new places have been created. There will be more music, more variety and as the Beatles once said, “A splendid time is guaranteed for all”.


“I love this event. The Saturday after Thanksgiving has become, not just Small Business Saturday, but a Modesto evening full of family, friendship, celebration of our downtown, music, and the talent that exists in our valley.   It’s an evening for everyone.”
-Kate Trompetter


“One of the most exciting parts of Mod Shop for me this year is that we have had an outpouring of makers wanting to participate. I’m always a little nervous that we won’t be able to find unique crafters to fill our space, but we had the opposite happen this year.  We have a huge waitlist of talented crafters who we wish we could find homes for.  This year, we are especially in love with our new vendor space: the Galletto patio.  It’s open, airy, romantic, and the lighting is gorgeous.  Also, Mini Mod Shop will be taking place for the second year.  Mistlin Gallery will be hosting our budding entrepreneurs who are ready to dazzle Modesto with their creative flair. One cool Mini Mod Shop booth is a local 4-H Group called “Goat Milk Soap.”  These hardworking young ladies make lotions and soaps made from their own goats.  They use the funds they raise to pay for 4H shows and fair fees.  You can check them out on their FB page.”
-Ruhi Sheikh


“Mod Shop creates a great opportunity for our community to come together and support our local artists and small business owners. There is a wealth of talent here and I love seeing J St packed full of people with their arms full of one of a kind treasures, knowing each dollar spent is helping a local artists grow their business.”
-Tricia Rosenow

Mod Shop Vendor Highlights
By Kate Trompetter

  1. Happy Kamper Soaps started off as a DIY solution to Patricia Kamper and her family’s annual winter skin issues.  She makes handmade soaps, balms, clay masks, and lotions from premium and skin friendly ingredients.  She only uses natural colors and scents like clays and essential oils. She is based in the Wood Colony area of Modesto and has been making handmade, cold/hot processed soaps for almost 5 years.
    HappyKamper1 HappyKamper2
  2. Estherose Molina is a teacher by day and maker by night. She specializes in handmade pin-back buttons, magnets, and pocket mirrors. She also makes custom hand-carved rubber stamps. The services Estherose provides are great for promoting your business, event or party and she loves to support small businesses and local artists.  Find her on most social media: @LeRoseHearts
    Estherose1 Estherose2
  3. Megan James (aka The Comic Crafter) is a true nerd at heart. She draws inspiration from comics, video games, tv and pop culture to create original and one-of-a-kind crafts.  Her booth will feature upcycled small furniture, accessories and paintings using many different mediums. Beyond crafting, she loves theatre arts, dogs and cooking.
    ComicCrafter1 ComicCrafter2
  4. Recycled Wood Creations (RWC) makes rustic/modern signage for home or business, Americana style wooden flags, signs and wine racks.  They are a very small business that primarily deals with custom orders, RWC products can also be purchased at local small business, Farm House in Turlock.
    RWC1 RWC2
  1. Alpaca Coterie is Julia (Nish) Wignall from Modesto. Nish has been designing and making clothing for 10 years under different fashion labels.  She has two companies with her husband (Matteblack and Alpaca Coterie).  Together they make t-shirts, scarves, accessories, baby items, and different textile designs.
    AlpacaCoterie AlpacaCoterie2
  2. Twisted Cyprus, aka Kristy Tribuzio – Henna Artist. She makes beautifully crafted, henna-adorned art. From painting your body to wood crafts, a mask, drum, or a gourd, her henna-inspired artistry is not to miss.  She does parties, festivals and other special events, as well as individual sessions.
    TwistedCyprus1 TwistedCyprus2
  3. Bean-counter Coffee Roasters – Because life is too short to drink sub-par coffee. That’s how this all started. Home, office, breakfast cafe, gas station, coffee shop. It’s doesn’t matter where you are, Ian believes bad coffee is all around us, which is why he founded Bean-counter Coffee Roasters. He wanted to make great coffee, and he has!
    BeanCounter1 Beancounter2
  4. Savlabot started as a way to share ideas with the rest of the world. Savla, founder of Savlabot, loves to knit, crochet, sew, bake, and more.  She creates stylish handmade crafts for children and adults including beanies, sun hats, headbands and scarves.
    Savlabot1 Savlabot2

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