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AllAgesView – Happy 2014

AllAgesView By Leia Johnson

Happy 2014! This year will be filled with new and exciting things for you to do in the Modesto area. What’s your new year’s resolution? If yours is doing more for (and spending more time in) your community, then you have opened the right magazine. My new year’s resolution is to spend more time with my family and friends in the downtown Modesto area. Even if it’s just getting on a bike, skateboard, or in a car and going to your favorite restaurant.

One of my favorite places to go downtown is The Barkin’ Dog Grill. I believe that they have the best milkshakes and fries in the area. Besides the great food, there is live music almost every other night. I am in my junior high choir, It is a tradition to go there for milkshakes after our performances. Recently I went with some choir, band, and orchestra friends. We listened to a band play Christmas tunes and we had a great time. I have also attended an open mic poetry reading there and the writers were so gifted they inspired me to write more. Check out the Barkin’ Dog’s website to see the dates for live music and to see the menu. I hope to see you there! I also love to go to the State Theatre to see movies, plays, and you can even rent it for a Birthday party. I went a while ago to see a professor talk about prehistoric times then we watched Jurassic Park for the first time. There was even a little dinosaur in the lobby that we took pictures with.

I hope that you have a great month and make your way to The Barkin Dog and The State Theatre!



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