AllAgesView – Happy June Modesto

By Sofia Johnson

Happy June Modesto!

As we all know, there is nothing that screams Modesto more than cars and American Graffiti.

I had the opportunity to take it back to the 1950s and enjoy the drive-in movie of E.T. put on by the State Theater. If this sounds like something you are interested in, I have good news for you: the State just announced that they will be having a showing of the Wizard of Oz on June 5th, so keep an eye out! E.T was a big hit and sold out incredibly fast so you want to make sure to get your tickets as soon as they go on sale. The State also sells popcorn every Friday from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm which is another great way to support one of our favorite local venues.

Speaking of drive-ins and local businesses, let’s not forget about our beloved Scenic Drive-In. It truly is a classic. After you pick up a burger and fries, maybe you want to take a drive around Modesto and appreciate its rich history. At you can find tours of our area including Modesto’s very own McHenry Mansion. You may have also noticed the Cruise Route signs around downtown that give insight and history into American Graffiti. It would be fun to stop and take a look at one of these if you get the opportunity. With a quick scan of a QR code located on the sign, you are also able to get an audio option.

Personally, one of my favorite trends that has recently started is car parades. This could be driving by a friend’s house to celebrate a birthday or graduation or driving by a family member’s house to say, “Hello!” while still keeping a safe distance. In addition to this, you can decorate your car with balloons, signs, streamers, and window paint as well as play music, blow bubbles, and whatever else your heart desires; the possibilities are endless.

While the world may have changed, our love for the automobile and our spirit for Modesto doesn’t have to. Here’s to another great Graffiti Summer!

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