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By Efren Martinez
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It’s a good possibility that most gyms may start to open in the summer if we are able to hold the line. When they do it will be up to each individual person to decide if they are comfortable enough to go back depending on their own unique situations in life. Knowing just how easy germs can be spread among us even with the safest and cleanest precautions, I myself won’t be in too much of a hurry to get back. I do miss my public gym as well as my friends there beyond measure. Still, I must be smart and considerate about when I should return to my public gym.

Regardless if you or I have had Covid 19 and have the antibodies that come after, studies are still unclear but most have shown that you can get re-infected and you may become a super spreader without even knowing it. This is a red flag for me knowing that I am that “A type” category of those who can be “A symptomatic” and not even know it. The last thing I’d ever want to do is infect those around me or especially those who might have vulnerable immune systems or the elderly such as our parents. Thankfully I can hold off from heading to the gym for a bit longer till I know it’s safe.

Many years ago I invested in my health and created my own home gym. In a pre-pandemic world most would have never thought of converting a formal dinning room or formal living room into a home gym. Perhaps it’s time we rethink this whole house layout concept. It wasn’t that hard to figure out what rooms in my home we really weren’t using all that much throughout the year. The formal living room is pretty to look at but I don’t need 2 rooms just to sit in. This thought goes as well for the formal dinning room that we don’t use. Both my wife and I have never really associated food as an indulgence but more so a primary source on how to take care of our bodies through nutrition. So with that said, our decision was easy when it came to converting our formal dining room into a home gym.

Our home gym has everything we need to keep up our healthy lifestyle going no matter if we can’t get to the public gym on any giving day. A Treadmill, Elliptical, Spin Bike, Inversion table along with a weight bench and loads of free weights. Being The Quake DJ in fitness, I also equipped it with a DJ setup, HD 3D TV, laser lights, a mirror ball, loads of black lights and UV lights that are known to help kill surface germs and viruses that may be lingering around. Although it didn’t become like this overnight, I built it up in stages as my fitness needs grew through the years. Let me suggest this idea to you. Just as we see it as normal to have a home office to work out of, why not adopt this home gym idea as a normal too? Having a special room in your home that’s strictly a room dedicated to your own health and well-being could be the most important room in your home. This could be a yoga/relaxation room, body building room, or cardio/exercising room. Your mind and body wellness room. No doubt about it we have entered into a new world since this pandemic. Some of us will continue to work from home from here on even after this pandemic as a new normal. Let’s also make it a new normal that every home should have a wellness/fitness room. Friends, continue to keep the faith and move positively forward together. Let’s adapt into this new world normal and focus on staying healthy and well as another one of our very important main goals in life. Cheers to your good health!

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