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By Sofia Johnson

Happy Water Safe July Modesto!
As we climb into those 100° days this month, I want to share some activities to keep us cool, active, and safe. Recently, I have received my lifeguard certification and began working for the City of Modesto as a guard and swim instructor. This job has demonstrated the importance of water safety and the value of first aid and CPR knowledge.

As a parent, a babysitter, or even just a citizen, these skills, as you may know, can be lifesaving. I would strongly encourage you to look into the classes offered on the American Red Cross website. On you can find virtual classes along with a search engine to find in-person classes near you.

The basics of water safety and actions to take in an emergency can be practiced with your littles ones at home as well. You can do so by practicing blowing bubbles out the mouth and the nose in a bathtub. An effective method to teach mouth bubbles is by holding one finger in front of the child’s mouth and telling them to “blow out the birthday candle” first from above, then at the surface, and then below the water. To teach nose bubbles, you can have the child pretend their hands are a tissue and they are blowing their nose under the water. These skills will teach a child to release air when they are submerged in water rather than trying to take it in and can drastically reduce the chances of choking or drowning.

You may also want to teach your child how to recognize an emergency and call for help—making sure they know to call 9-1-1, who will come when they call that number, and what information to give to the operator.

Finally, many summer activities—such as swimming and beach or lake days—are centered around or near water. I recommend watching Splasher the Frog’s water safety videos on the Modesto Irrigation District (MID) YouTube channel. It is not only important to know how to swim but also whereto swim safely as drowning can become fatal within minutes.

I hope that this month you learned the importance of first aid and water safety and the several ways you can obtain these skills. Splasher and I want to wish you a very safe summer filled with plenty of fun. Stay cool!

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