Assassins on the Warpath!

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By Mike Vanek It’s that time again!! Lets look at bands that are making an impact in the scene today. First of all our friends Warpath Assassins have hit the studio to record their debut full length EP due out later this summer. Recorded at the well known “Sound Chamber” this looks like they have captured their epic live sound on record. I’ve heard a few of the tracks and they have a massive sound to them. Look out for a full review when the CD is ready. Another band getting their CD ready is Zombie Death Stench. These scene veterans have been hard at work at at their new CD and it should be out really soon. Another CD I was heard recently is that of Hang The Kode. This is a new band from the Modesto area that has been opening a number of local metal shows lately and we hope the future is bright for this band.

Other big things are happening. Death Angel blew up the Fat Cat recently and the people who brought you that show have booked Forbidden! Warbringer is also on the bill if you missed them at Thrashocalypse (and alot of you did) this is your chance to see them a 2nd time around. Something else we are very excited about is the return of Burial Ground!!! Burial Ground is one of the first 209 Metal bands with their origins stretching over 20 years. This group of Central Valley legends will make their return April 7th at the Clarion Hotel and this is an All Ages show. Alongside them is fellow 209 Legends DAM playing their heavy set known as Levee. Also on the bill Warpath Assassins, Beneath The Embers, and Zombie Death Stench.

One last thing, if you have a show or CD you would like reviewed in the Metal View hit me up on the facebook page and we will help showcase our local 209 Metal bands. That’s it for me this month and until next time, keep one foot in the gutter and one fist in the gold!!

209Productions Upcoming Shows 4/07 Burial Ground & More!! at The Clarion Hotel $10 4/13 Decomposition, Aborticide, Blackwoods & More at The Other Place FREE!!



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