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AuthorView: 5 Clones

AuthorView: 5 Clones
By Middagh Goodwin

It is always great to see our local talent branch out in other creative outlets. That is just what Ed Bonilla a Stockton teacher and punk rock vocalist for the band Radical Times and Rudie Can’t Fail has done with 5 Clones. 5 Clones published by Montag Press is a thrilling science fiction novel on a not too far off dystopian future and based mainly in Stockton and with California succession from the Union. Bonilla crafts a universe that ties in topical events that are true to today’s World and at the same time creating something original and unique. He has created characters that are relatable and familiar to the reader. You will get to know the characters as they interact with fringe groups like skinheads and fundamentalist Mormons. This is a quick but interesting and engaging read. Tying the story together with redacted government documents, flashbacks and letters help the story unfold.
A few unique and cool things that add to the enjoyment of this novel are the interactive Spotify playlists. You can enjoy the music that Dan, Scar and Jocelyn are listening to as you read along. This includes “5 Clones” as recorded by Bonilla’s band Radical Times and was released as a 7″ and accompanying music video in conjunction with the book with the B-Side “Deep in the Heart of Stockton”. The cover was created by local comic artist and musician Sean Miller and depicts the Toy Soldiers that are now located at the Stockton Children Museum but for years stood guard along Highway 99 at AdArt Design.
5 Clones by Ed Bonilla is a very entertaining story that you can enjoy over the weekend. I will be surprised if this book is not optioned for a major motion picture in the near future. Looking forward to the next offering in the Clone saga. 5 Clones is available direct from the author, Amazon and other outlets.

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