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Back On Track Fitness

FitView: Back On Track Fitness
By Efren Martinez

It’s a new year with a few of the same resolutions and fitness goals as last year. One of the biggest resolutions for most is to lose some weight. Sure we all want to lose weight instead of gaining it but during the Holiday it can be quite challenging. So if you find you gained a few pounds from those extra holiday treats don’t beat yourself up for it, you’re not alone.

Honestly, I’ve never been about making any kind of New Year’s resolutions. I prefer to take action. Let’s do what we say and say what we do. Just get yourself back on track. Maybe don’t focus so much on posting on Facebook. It can stress us out to see we dropped the ball on our goals from time to time. Always remember it is ok to stumble and fall off on our road to our goals. The key is to get yourself up and back to it as quickly as possible. Small changes can be huge.

They say nutrition is 75 percent of weight loss. So focus on eating smarter along with your fitness. To lose weight and keep it off nutrition is key. Think about cutting out those sugary drinks. A can of regular soda can have up to 10 teaspoons of sugar. Each energy drink can contain 24 to 29 grams (6 teaspoons) of sugar. A large peppermint mocha can have 450 calories, 54 grams (12 teaspoons) of sugar, and 10 grams of fat. Wow! With our bodies being made up of around 60 percent water so it’s important to drink more water. Also snack smarter. Get rid of those chips. Instead go for almonds, soy nuts, or even a plain rice cake with peanut or almond butter. These are great energy-boosting snacks I love. Perhaps for dinner go for whole grains 25 percent of your plate, 50 percent vegetables, and 10 to 35 percent protein. The great thing about protein is it can make you feel fuller with less food. Try to stay away from fast food and processed food. I always eat a salad every night with my dinner. I start by using my dinner plate for my salad plate and my salad plate for my dinner plate. It’s all about smart portions and the type of food you eat to go with the energy you’ll need throughout your day.

Friends these are just some suggestions that you might try to incorporate with your weight loss goals. Whatever you do just remember to stay on track. Slow and steady wins the race. I hope you see some positive results in your weight, mood, and overall happiness in 2023. Nothing is better as a confidence boost than being able to fit in those old Jordache jeans from JR High. Oh ya! Happy New Year friends!

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