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ComedyView Start Fresh

ComedyView Start Fresh
By Felicia Aleman
Hello, hello, hello.  Hope you’ve recovered from all those jingling bells, decked halls and falalalala’s.  It’s January and it’s time to start fresh. Also, just going to put this out there–I like fruitcake, so if you have any extra hanging around, let me know…
Hey, why hasn’t anyone stepped up and told me how terrible my videos are?  I mean, I know they’ve been terrible, but I’m a comic and I need validation for all my feelings and I will personally blame all three of you who pay attention to this for leaving me with metaphoric lettuce in my teeth.
I will not despair, I’ve decided that I’m going to step it up. I am going to quickly skim articles on the internet. I will play YouTube videos I barely pay attention to in order to absorb the information for better videos. So, I’m either going to make some monumentally amazing videos or I will bring a new level of bad.  This month, I’m going to try for better audio.  Last month’s video was shot in a parking lot on a busy street which didn’t work out as well as it does for the TV newscasters. Also, I may actually switch to a camera instead of an outdated cell phone.
So, go over and check out this month’s interview in a segment I call “Running the Light”. This month I talk with Saul Trujillo. Saul performs throughout the 209 and beyond, is super funny and recently released his comedy “Drugstore Debutant” on CD/Spotify/iTunes and possibly a couple of ice cream trucks. Good thing, too because you’re going to want to hear it.  Give our interview a listen and look out for Saul performing near you.
Comedy Events:
Modesto shows (both free) Cheroot Lounge Comedy 1st and 3rd Tuesday (2nd and 16th) 8 pm and Poorhouse Millionaires and Friends at Ralston’s Goat 1st and 3rd Wednesday (3rd and 17th) music and comedy 8 pm
Waterford (free): January 31 at the Outpost Saloon 8 pm
Lodi (free): Cactus Thursdays Comedy 4th and 18 8 p.m.
Livingston (free): Cozy Corner 20th at 8 p.m.
Stockton $10 cover Bella Vista 7:30 p.m
Happy new year to you all. If you want to contact me (you know, to help with the metaphoric lettuce in my teeth), then find me on Facebook Felicia Aleman Comedy or e-mail me at

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