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End of the Trail Celebrates 32 Years

Legendary Tattoo Artist Goodtime Charlie Celebrates 32nd Anniversary at The End of the Trail

35 Guest Artists, Walk Ins Only

Good Time Charlie’s End of the Trail

520 McHenry Ave, Modesto, CA 95354

August 31, 2019 9am-midnight

Tattoo artist, founder of the Fine Line Movement and subject of the documentary “Tattoo Nation,” Goodtime Charlie celebrates his tattoo shop, End of the Trail, 32nd anniversary in Modesto, CA. This year’s event begins on Sat, Aug 31 a non stop tattoo marathon featuring 35 guest artists.

The Aug 31 tattoo marathon starts at 9am and will run until midnight. No appointments, walk ins only, featuring $200 designs picked from “The Big Sheet” which features Charlie’s “Something for Everyone” art. Guest artists will work 2-3 hours each, no schedule will be posted. Customers coming in will have 8 artists working at a time to choose from, first come first serve, a tribute to the way shops used to operate.

Dubbed “Our Founder” by the new tattoo world, Goodtime Charlie’s career started in 1955 at the age of 15, tattooing out of the back of his car utilizing the hand poke method. Unfamiliar with the use of stencils and standard designs, Charlie’s works of art began with the practice of being original and hand drawn.

In 1975, fresh off The Pike in Long Beach, CA., Goodtime Charlie opened his first namesake shop in East Los Angeles, CA. It was here Charlie developed the first commercial single needle tattoo technique. Inspired by prison tattoos, he had refined their techniques, creating a new style in the world of tattooing, which has given birth to the popular photorealism trend we see today.

Today he operates “Goodtime Charlie’s End of the Trail” located in Modesto, CA, which is where he, his son, grandson and featured artist Mario Cordova work from today. Part tattoo shop, part tattoo flash museum, this tattoo mecca worthy establishment houses the largest and most extensive catalog of documented tattoo flash. featuring designs from artists all over the world.

Goodtime Charlie’s legacy, along with his colleague, the iconic Jack Rudy, will soon be told via a beautiful coffee table book entitled, “Tattoo Man,” which is set to be released this year. “Tattoo Man” tells the tales from three namesake shops and those who’ve worked there, from 1975 to present. Many of the guest artists featured at the Modesto event are in the book and documentary, including Corey Miller, Chuey Quintanar and Antonio Mejia, among many others. See next page for list of guest artists and their instagram pages.

Limited amount of books will be on site for sale, along with some of the merchandise line that will be officially launching in the fall.


Jojo Levin
Django Convery
Vinney Valenzuela
Britton McFetridge
Freddy Corbin
Chuey Quintanar
Lil Roy
Mario Cordova
Frank Ball Jr.
Em Scott
Geo Rogers
Brad Mariachi
Carl Delariva
Andy Campoy
Jesse Coccia
Corey Miller
Lucky Bastard
Dave Moore
Amanda Gonzales
Colin Dowling
Luis Quintana
Rob Benabides
Matt Pardo
George Totten
Stan Corona
Sergio Chavez
Steve Lopez
Droo Stirdibant
Matt Staydohar
Bryan Ramirez
Xiucoatl Mejia
Antonio Mejia
Michael Escarcega
Daat Kraus
JJ Sawyer
Evan Skredertsu
Abraham Ortega
Chuco Moreno




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