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Featured Friday Moon Trent

Featured Friday

Each Friday we are going to feature a member of our community, Business Owners, Musicians, Artists, Teachers, Community Leaders and those that inspire us.

Your Name? Moon Trent

Home Base? Central California

What do you do?
I am a singer, a songwriter, a former local radio DJ and I’m also co-owner of timmi-kat ReCoRDS.
I currently book a music series in Modesto called Bands at The Brave Bull. I’ve been doing that for a year. The Brave Bull was nominated for a MAMA this year.
We’re also thinking of launching an open mic night at The Brave Bull this year.
I am recording my next album and perform live shows locally.

What is your story?
I was born in Turlock, grew up in Denair. I left home for Los Angeles at age 16. I began attending all-ages Punk shows in Long Beach and Manhattan Beach, where I graduated from High School.
I left Los Angeles, and I felt lucky to live Modesto.
At this point, I was morning show producer for KHOP radio.
When attending Modesto Junior College, I met my partner of 28 years, David Cole.
Together, we launched the indie record label timmi-kat ReCoRDS in 1991.
Dave and I co-founded the Modesto Organization of Bands (M.O.B.) in 1991 with other locals passionate about music like Middagh. We threw four huge shows; the first two were at our house in Modesto with many locals, some famous or soon-to-be famous people participated. In those days, I was in the band Pale. In 1992, David and I moved to San Francisco after Pale was signed to a Warner Brother’s subsidiary. After six months, Pale was dropped. It was disappointing but working with a major record company was a learning experience.
I formed the rock band Brown-Star while living in San Francisco in 1995. We played the Fillmore 2001. I appeared on Howard Stern with Brett Klinker who played the guitar in Brown-Star. Brown-Star rocked all over California. Andy Lund from Modesto played bass in Brown-Star. Also from Modesto but living in San Francisco at the time, Ian Swanke produced Brown-Star’s album, Due Damage.
I moved to England in 2001 and stayed there for about a year. I went back to San Francisco in 2002. When rent costs became impossible in the Bay Area, I left San Francisco for my home in the Central Valley where I have lived since 2004.
In our years as timmi-kat ReCoRDS, David and I have released over 20 albums by various artists including two compilations, Kat Vox and Milkshake. I have produced six solo albums. My most recent solo release is called “Undercut”.
Along the way, I’ve done fun things like modelling for a couple of Pansy Division album covers; I worked as an extra on the Disney movie “Flubber” with Robin Williams and appeared in a deadmau5 music video.

What are you passionate about?
What I am passionate about is music, music, and music. A big part of my passion is what I do whether it’s releasing a Spanish-language album, booking bands at the Brave Bull, or making our catalog available on iTunes and youtube so people can discover us internationally as well. I look for the work and the joy in the music. I want to share the music I have discovered. I want to seek out music that will give people feeling. I want to keep the party rolling.

How did you know?
I sought out my work and joy.

Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant, Go ahead and brag.
As I come up on the 28th anniversary of my partnership and timmi-kat ReCoRDS, I reflect upon many challenges and accomplishments, especially since I am only 29 years old.
I especially remember the legendary compilation records we produced including Milkshake and Kat Vox. Milkshake was a benefit album for the Harvey Milk Institute in San Francisco where I was living at the time. The album was a huge success. It included Phranc, Chumbawamba, among many other fine artists who donated their tracks, time and art. Bands also performed at a CD release party at The Great American Music Hall. I enjoyed working with the fabulous diversity of great artists. Kat Vox was a compilation album produced to celebrate 20 years of timmi-kat ReCoRDS featuring unreleased tracks from local friends like Jason Lytle from Modesto, and other great artists.
The most recent release from timmi-kat ReCoRDS is a Spanish-language album by William Morin.

I’m a former DJ for KHOP, KCSS, and B93, and I DJ live sometimes at The Brave Bull.

Favorite gig/Worse Gig/
‘FAVORITE’ For sure, opening for Annabella from Bow Wow Wow. Worse: Definitely, singing in a yogurt shop in Merced

What are you working on next?
I am putting together a new solo album.. I am enjoying the company of the new artists that will work on the album.

The Chris Murphy Question, Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

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“it’s never too late to be what you might have been” – George Elliot



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