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By Efren Martinez

Family Fitness
It’s been so fantastic to see so many families exercising outdoors during my runs lately. Some are enjoying walks together while others are shooting hoops with their own basketball hoop. But mostly what I’ve been encountering are families bike ridding together; some even with baby in tow on the back end of the bike getting chauffeured. Boy, I wish they had that when I was a baby, but the closest I ever came to it is being roped down on the front handle bars while my mom rode her bike to the corner store. Needless to say a lot has changed in that aspect in 50 years, it’s much safer now.

Lately friends cycling has become even more popular for obvious reasons. In some case, stores are having a hard time keeping bikes on the racks. Don’t be discouraged, supplies keep coming in and the good news is you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on bike if you’re just using it for recreational exercise. As a tri-athlete, yes I do have more than one bike, one for racing, the other is for training and the rest are for recreational use like our tandem bike. Cycling is quite frankly one of the most impact resistant exercises we can do when it comes to caring for our joints during fitness. After years of running I can personally testify this to be true. In fact this is in part why it’s generally the second leg of a Triathlon with running being the last of the three.

Friends if you’re still unsure, for whatever reason, to exercise in public indoor spaces, it’s OK. During these times a family fitness of togetherness’ just might your best option for the overall health of your family as well as for yourself. It’s summertime and no matter how hot it can get, the cool breeze while ridding your bike will be defiantly noticeable in comparison if you were running verses riding your bike. So sit back and enjoy the ride, even if it’s on a granny seat or a banana boat style one. Truth be told, I actually have a granny seat on my indoor spin bike because it’s all about comfort for me while spinning for 2 or more hours. So here it is, if your looking to invest a limited amount of money in a family bike pack I’d recommend you shop at Target or even Wal-Mart for one and our local bike shops have entry level bikes that would be a great match. No need to spend thousands of dollars on a bike if your just going to ride as a family to the park and back. Also no need to spend too much money on a child’s bike when they will grow out of it in a year. On the other hand, if you’re looking to ride in groups with the big kids than you might consider stepping up to a carbon road bike. My great friends at Fun Sport Bikes or Oakdale Bike Shop are just the right fit for you.

One more thing, always wear a helmet. It kind has the same principle of wearing a facemask during a pandemic, it’s needed and can be uncomfortable but it’s for our own good as well as those who are depending on us to be team players. Everyone be safe and enjoy your summer.

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