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By Mary Layton

Achieving Euphoria

We are happy to announce that we are back teaching Tai Chi at the MJC! As you all know, most activities during the pandemic were stopped and it’s nice to see that things are moving again. However stress hasn’t gone away. We may feel, more than before, the need to take good care of ourselves so that we can better cope with the many stresses that we face in the world today. You may have such a practice set up in your life already. Any exercise and creative outlet will help us to feel more empowered. Keep in mind though that your body ideally likes to be included. So, for example, if music is your favorite thing then you could dance and move with it to get the ultimate benefit. Experiencing the totality of our humanity can give us a feeling of wholeness and belonging that heals even invisible wounds.

Tai Chi offers the body/mind/spirit connection in one package.
Learning Tai Chi starts with memorizing a sequence of movements that have martial arts applications. These are shown sometimes in order to facilitate the memorization as well as help with mental focus and balance. In order to calm the mind and to improve memory, movements are repeated many times until they are absorbed mentally as well as physically. Tai Chi looks easy but it takes patience to learn. For the student that doesn’t give up there are many rewards and benefits. One can improve one’s physical strength and stamina as well as grow in confidence and increase one’s self awareness. Moving together with others at the same time, taking steps at the same time, shifting weight from one leg to the other at the same time, we may no longer feel isolated. All Tai Chi movements are circular, relaxing and beautiful. After a while one experiences a feeling of euphoria. After class everybody leaves with renewed energy, a sense of well-being and peacefulness.

For more info go to taichi4modesto.com or call (209)572-4518

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