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Jazz BluesView: Happy Holidaze

Jazz BluesView: Happy Hollidaze
By Eric Benson

Happy Hollidaze! Well we are marshalling on with life and the music. Covid, extreme heat, California’s on fire and me, “lets jam out.” Not to minimalize the incredible hardship we are all going through but we have to continue to live our lives while also making sure everyone stays safe and healthy. Had my first COVID test as one of my fellow employees came to work sick and tested positive, so please don’t come to work sick folks! It felt like a red hot poker being stuffed up my nose by a sadistic nurse, and afterward”, have a nice day!” I tested negative and plan it keep it that way. Oh either I am losing it or levity is in order. When I think my job is tough seeing paramedics in masks all day I ponder? The guy is on the ground gasping for air and their by the van in a huddle drawing strawing to see who does mouth to mouth resuscitation. “If I help you sir might be a good day for death…a two for one special.” And wearing a mask and the annoyance factor, it is hard to breath, itches your face, hard to read fascial expressions but the biggest problem is you can’t see my “beautiful face.” And meeting people these days…sitting on a park bench girl walks up “sir can you take off your mask so I can see your face?” guys lowers his mask…”okay you can put it back on… I was just checking.” I think myself esteem is suffering a bit, I went to Smart & Final and tried to walk in, the security guard said”you can’t come in without a mask.” I said oh your worried about COVID?’ He said no…”your ugly.” So I left and driving on the freeway and I see the sign “drunk drivers spotted call this number to report.” So I pulled over and turned myself in.

On to the business at hand. We are back in the purple, or back in lockdown but we are adapting to keep er goin!. Café Urbano is continuing to have Latin dancing with DJ every Friday and Saturday night and adding a new DJ Thursdays to keep things rolling. We will be doing Blue Monday December 14th and 28th inside, outside on the roof top wherever it is okay to play. Will be bringing in some special guests for the Christmas shows, Barry Finnerty of Miles Davis Band, maybe Chris Cain and a few others that I have to confirm. The Blue Monday Band features Dave Hawks Drums, John Adey & Conrad Johnson Bass, Andrew Rosenblum & John Burt Sax, Dave Dow, Eric Benson Keys & Pat Governor Organ.

On a business note please continue to support our local venues as once they fail and close down it will effects all of us.


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