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JazzBluesView: Shoveling Against the Tide

Jazz/BluesView: Shoveling Against the Tide
By Eric Benson

Well folks we made it to the red zone, Yippie!. This meaning we are having a smaller number of Covid cases in our county and we have a green light to opening ibusiness in our city. This is a good thing to get us back to normalcy. For music this means restaurants can have 25% of capacity inside or continue to have events outside. For Café Urbano we will be doing smaller events inside and larger ones outside. It is getting cold but I won’t complain, a friend who complained of no gigs where he lives. I said well just take it outside, he retorted that in Nebraska in outlying areas there is 20 feet of snow!

In the meantime we got to keep er rollin! Doing music indoors and outdoors at some venues so come on down peeps. Music venues offering music outdoors: Bauers Downtown, Ralston’s Goat, Café Urbano and others. Please support the Restaurants and businesses that are open and need your support. Let keep things rolling and keep our business, and ourselves healthy.

Please take time to take care of yourself and others as times are tough but they will get better. but we need to take care of ourselves and each other right now. We will weather this too, but in the meantime, stay safe but live your life to the fullest.

A lot of business are having outside seating to accommodate folks and keep everyone safe. Café Urbano is no different we will be doing shows outside to keep everyone safe, and the music going. We need all our fans to come out in this difficult time to get on with life as ah, unusual!.

On the November calendar for Café Urbano: Blue Monday Party 9th and the 23rd, Blue Monday Band with special guests. In the band John Adey Bass Dave Hawks drums, Andrew Rosenblum Sax, John Burt Sax and keys Dave Dow and Eric Benson. The downbeat at 7 and goes till 10 PM for listening and dancing. Thursdays old school DJ and Sat Latin music for dancing DJ. Be like Alpha Beta and tell a friend! Your host Eric Benson. Also on the calendar Nov 1st Roberto Gloria with Texas Funk some amazing Tehano and old school music for listening and dancing. Bands Mike Tores Band and Latin Flavor band and Chris Cain Band coming back with date to be announced.

Moom & Sixpense is continuing to marshal on with Sun 11/15 3 pm Us4Love they are the 2018 Vallery Talent Project winners best original composition. Sat 11/28 Ellie Barton Operatic singer doing Opera to pop with band. Call 543-5306 for info.

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