June Message from Kristin Olsen

Following a lot of hard work from a lot of folks, Stanislaus County is open for business! I am so proud to live in a County where the private, non-profit, and public sectors continually demonstrate their commitment to working together for the betterment of all people in our communities. Because of these dedicated leaders’ hard work, our local businesses can be better prepared for a safe re-opening of our economy.

Retail businesses, restaurants, and offices are now encouraged to re-open with modifications, following state guidance, and they need our support. Those who do not feel comfortable going back out into the community yet should feel free to be cautious and continue to safely do business remotely. Many of you, however, were eagerly awaiting re-openings and have been back out eating and shopping. We commend you both, and we encourage safe, healthy activity.

There is now local guidance for open business best practices during COVID-19. Stanislaus County and Opportunity Stanislaus have partnered with the Valley Sierra SBDC and local community and business leaders to create “Good2Go Stanislaus.” The resource guide and 30-minute online training program has been developed to train our area’s business owners, employees, and volunteers on ways to safely operate while preventing the spread of Covid-19. For businesses to flourish, owners must reassure customers that they are practicing safe protocols.

The Good2Go Safety Training program is tailored to individual industries, including restaurants, small offices, retail, manufacturing, real estate, and others. We recommend business operators visit www.Good2GoStanislaus.com<www.Good2GoStanislaus.com> to register for this free 30-minute training program. Businesses that complete the program will receive a “Good2Go” window decal that shows they are taking the necessary steps to protect their staff and customers. Their business names will be listed on the Good2GoStanislaus website as well.

To further help local businesses recover, the Good2Go Stanislaus training program will provide a free “Marketing Toolkit” which will include helpful marketing materials and best practices that they can use in their business. Find free, helpful resources and information and download the Good2Go guidebook at www.Good2GoStanislaus.com<www.Good2GoStanislaus.com>.

Remember, as a community, we are all part of the solution for keeping our businesses open and being able to open additional businesses and activities as the State allows. To make sure we don’t have to slow down or move backwards in our re-opening, please continue to practice social distancing, wash hands frequently, and wear face coverings when social distancing isn’t possible.

Thank you,
Kristin Olsen, Chair – Stanislaus Country Board of Supervisors

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