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Let Spirits Warm Your Spirit

Let Spirits Warm Your Spirit
by Christopher Mitchell and Brandilyn Brown

Looking to warm up your innards as we finally welcome cooler weather? Or want the best places to take your relatives and friends to warm them up when they visit you for the holidays?
Impress them with these drinks. Some are local annual favorites and some are brand new seasonals that you can only get while ingredients last! We hope you enjoy these “warm-your-bones” cocktails this season because we enjoyed researching them for you!

Coffee Break
Twisted Pig, 2717 Coffee Rd., Modesto
This gets you going with a double punch of caffeine and sugar! A butterscotch Irish coffee garnished with a house made cinnamon sugar donut hole, topped with whipped cream. Dessert in a cup! Or try their Hot Toddy, we recommend it as well.


Biscotti Cookie, Surla’s, 431 12th St., Modesto
A sweet twist on a holiday favorite cookie! Made with Faretti Biscotti Liqueur, Absolute Vanilla, Bailey’s Irish Cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

“T.H.B.R.” – The Hot Buttered Rum
Tresetti’s 927 11th St, Modesto
It looks like a milkshake, but don’t let it fool you! Sweet butter, brown sugar, “holiday spices”, rum, and vanilla ice cream in the bottom of an Irish coffee glass with whipped cream and cinnamon. This is a city favorite and we treasure it all winter long!

White Russian
P. Wexford’s Pub, 3313 McHenry Ave, Modesto
Give this a good stir to combine coffee liqueur, vodka and half and half. If a bar can make this for you with a splash of peppermint schnapps, try it that way because oh my stars is that a party in your mouth! (Pictured with it is a pint of Gilman Peanut Butter Stout on Nitro.)


If you love Irish Coffees in their various incarnations, be sure to check out these bars, which serve up some of the best in the valley!
Ralston’s Goat (a caramel Irish Coffee, a super delish rendition!) 1001 10th St, Modesto
Divine Swine (a good ‘ol Traditional Irish Coffee-photo above) 825 W. Roseburg Ave, Modesto
Fuzio Universal Bistro (just a touch of sweetness with whipped cream, definitely the strongest version we’ve yet to find! Will warm you up from your toes!) 1020 10th St Suite 100, Modesto


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