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by Victoria Popoff

2020. This is going to be YOUR year.
New Year, New Me! How many times have you said that as a new year has approached?
We all want some type of change; less clutter, less debt, less stress, more sleep, better health, more vacation. Sound familiar?
So how does REAL change happen? Change that at the end of 2020, we look back and feel great about our accomplishments?

60% of us make resolutions and research shows only 8% of us actually achieve it. Change is hard, and we start with your big goal. Write it down. You want less clutter in your home? Thats not a one-day goal. De-cluttering your home is going to take time, Think about every drawer, cabinet, closet and garage. You have to break down each section, allow time, and schedule it accordingly. Any goal we want has a few elements: organization, time, scheduling, and priority. You need a plan to successfully accomplish any goal. Hence why, just writing down a resolution, without a plan, is not enough and only 8% of resolution makers actually accomplish it.

So, the top three changes people usually make at the new year, are as follows:

Eat Healthier
Exercise more
Lose Weight

Start with your total goal. How can you measure the goal? A percentage of body fat lost? A better HDL cholesterol number? More visits to the gym? How will you track it? Quarterly physicals? An app that you log and track your journey? A monthly check-in with your personal trainer? Break down your goal into smaller goals. Each month set a mini goal that are realistic. Then quarterly, re-asses your total goal. How close are you? Make sure your smaller goals are inching your way toward the goal of health.

A few helpful hints that I have seen work is recruiting a friend to work towards the goal with you. Anytime we have accountability, or work toward a shared goal together, the likelihood of success increases.

These three goals remind us, the WHY for resolutions – we want to live longer, healthier lives where we feel good. More muscle on our body, eating healthier options, and moving our body more are ways to accomplish that. But also, sleeping more, hydrating our body, and being outside will help us feel better and live longer. Don’t deny the impact of fun and play while you are on your journey of any goal as well.

One thing I have found through chasing a goal, is always have a grateful heart. We won’t always be an easy path in change, you will experience some hard times, but not to allow it to derail you. Feeling gratitude towards our lives will propel us towards success.

Reach out! I’d love to hear about your new years resolutions!

Victoria Popoff

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