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MAMAView: New Year Resolutions

MAMAView: New Year Resolutions
By Middagh Goodwin

Bad Example of a Promo Photo.

A recent post on social media stated the importance of a professional headshot when booking comedy gigs, of course, this is true for any performer aspiring to do more than open mic nights. Now no one is saying to go out and spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on promo photos(but if you have that kind of money I will put you in contact with our very own MJ Mangano). We are talking for comedians and solo acts a clean shot torso up and for bands one that has you all looking in the same direction and looking well, like a band. something that will represent you on flyers, newspaper articles, ads etc. 

Good Example of a Promo Photo

Make sure you have high resolutions files of these that can be downloaded or sent to bookers and press alike along with any logos or samples of what you do, songs for bands, and short clips for comedians. All at the highest quality you can create and afford. Musicians, it is better to have a single song well recorded than 10 that are not. Comedians work on getting a good video that showcases what you can do. Creating a Youtube channel is not necessary but if you do have one make sure that it has quality content(that goes for all your social media). You want to represent yourself in the most professional way you can. 

As you get more gigs and have more money, invest it on better promotional material be it headshots or band photos, recorded music and videos. For musicians, good video content is essential these days. Bookers want to see how well you perform and the crowd interaction. These are the things that not just bookers and promoters see first but also your potential fans. You can print up extra photos to sell or give away to fans, videos and music can be great perks if you have a Patreon or to give them an idea of what they can expect from live shows. 

One more thing that is a big help not just to bookers but to your fans and the press alike; make sure your events are updated on your social media. I personally input all the local gigs in the ModestoView calendar and it is the same thing every month trying to track down dates before we go to print. Often times I do not see event details until the day of. Let us help you promote and give your fans a chance to plan on going to see you. 

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