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Out Of The Rough!

It’s been a rough couple of years for the private golf country club industry it seems, except Oakdale Golf and Country Club.  In a time when everyone’s hard earned dollars being spent are looked at carefully and the fact that it’s not so chic to belong to a “Country Club” anymore, it’s remarkable that Oakdale Golf and Country Club is busier now than ever.   According to Jim Kass, National Golf Foundation’s research director, “NGF tracked 46 18-hole equivalent golf course openings in 2010 vs. 107 closures, for a net negative of 61, the fifth consecutive year that closures have outpaced openings,” with more than 60 percent of the openings being public-fee courses.

In speaking with Rick Schultz, the General Manager of OGCC, he stated that over the past four years revenues for the club are up 27% with most of that coming from an increase in Food and Beverage sales.  He also stated that with only 13% of all private country clubs having a full membership, he’s very proud to report that OGCC was part of that 13%.  He also said the fact that membership prices were down to $4,000, from a high of $17,500 in the mid 90’s, in his opinion was a huge opportunity for the younger families to be able to join a private country club and if there was ever a time to join a private club, now was that time! If you’re unsure of whether a long term commitment is right for you, you may even try a one year lease to give you a sample of what it’s like to be a member before purchasing.

“Making Oakdale Golf and Country Club into a social club as much as a golf club has been my main goal since I got here four years ago.  I tried to bring the families back to the club by adding social events that included children and to bring back a fine dining experience that was second to none.  My goal is to create an event every day that will be attractive to different sectors of the membership and to make OGCC the center of their social calendar.  One of the best events we do currently is our monthly free concert series for our members and their guests called, Friday Night Live.  During the summer months we have anywhere from 300 to 600 people come out for our FNL’s with the most popular ones being our Car Show, Farmer’s Market and July 4th events.” said Rick Schultz.  From all of what I have heard and seen being around the club for a few days, it appears he has accomplished all of those goals!

What really appears to separate Oakdale from the other clubs in the Central Valley is that their dues are so much less than the other private clubs.  For only $334 a month, the entire family, including children 22 and under, can play all the golf they want, hit all the range balls they can and have unlimited use of one golf cart; there just isn’t a better deal around.  One day on the course for a family of four would easily be worth the monthly dues. And when you add in their golf clinics, discounted merchandise, member tournaments and their extensive social calendar, it’s no wonder why Oakdale Golf and Country Club is doing so well in these troubled times!   

To find out more about memberships and all that happens at Oakdale Golf and Country Club, visit their website,, or call their General Manager, Rick Schultz, (209) 847-2984.



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