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Healthy Beauty

The most important details of fashion start from within ourselves. Our decisions on how we treat our bodies are some of the most important key ingredients to our personal style. Choosing to make time for ourselves is a great first step towards a positive change.

 To be our personal best we need to find a balance within our minds, bodies, and souls to empower us towards a happier and healthier lifestyle. A consistent routine which is easily customizable to each individual’s needs and schedules should revolve around a good night’s rest, healthy diet, and regular exercise to achieve internal balance, energy, confidence, and much more.

Not only will these tips keep your inner body healthy they can improve your outer beauty as well by enhancing the quality of your hair, nails, and skin. 

 How amazing would it be if all these needs and more could be fullfilled in one place? Watch out Stanislaus, because they can!

 Imagine my surprise when I entered the new cutting edge Fusion Studio in Turlock and was greeted with a full-size Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) style ring set up for MMA and Women’s Self Defense classes. The other side of the studio consists of many different areas decorated by all of the skilled professionals showcasing their artistic talents here. Suprena, the founder of Fusion Studio, is not only intelligent for combining a fitness, beauty, and creative outlet for the community, she is also multi-talented. She has a second degree Black Belt specializing in Shoshou, she teaches the women’s self defense classes, has her Cosmetology License, and has a hair styling station in the studio. Fusion’s unique vision of a full service salon includes professional services including hair, nails, massage therapy, makeup artistry, body piercing, and tattoo art by highly skilled professionals.

 Women’s Self Defense Classes are held Monday and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m.

Mixed Martial Arts class is held every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.


Fusion Studio, 323 West Canal Drive, Turlock



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