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ReadingView: Modesto’s Little Free Libraries

ReadingView: Little Free Libraries
By Middagh Goodwin
The Little Free Library program is an amazing thing, they kind of look like large birdhouses sitting low in front yards around the US. Inspired by the Micro Library Movement in Portland Oregon the first Little Free Library was built in 2009 in Hudson Wisconsin. There are more than 75.000 Little Free Libraries in 88 countries and all over Modesto. These little libraries are run by the home owner or tenants, who are called stewarts.  When you pass by you can grab a book to read or drop off some for others.  We encourage everyone to drop off your unwanted books especially children books at these great community resources. Check out the Modesto Little Free Libraries page on Facebook.
Here is a list of Modesto Area Little Free Libraries. If we are missing any please let us know so we can update our list.
808 Aspirations Ct Modesto CA 95356
915 Bowen Ave Modesto CA 95350
400 Capistrano Dr Modesto CA 95355
3720 Carver Rd Modesto CA 95356
1320 Celeste Dr. Modesto CA 95355
3617 Cherokee Lane Modesto CA 95356
1316 Coffee Rd Ste.D10 Modesto CA 95350
1820 College Ave Modesto CA 95350
1338 Cypress Ave Modesto CA 95350
928 Dyer Lane Modesto CA NL 95350
1980 Fisher Road Modesto CA 95358
1441 Florida Ave Modesto CA 95350
3105 Fredricksburg Way Modesto CA 95355
4241 Frost Way Modesto CA 95356
3421 Gagosian Ct Modesto CA 95356
720 Griswold Ave. Modesto CA 95350
3313 Heartwood Way Modesto CA 95350
305 Hintze Ave, Modesto, CA 95354
3101 Independence Way Modesto CA 95354
1305 Kara Ln, Modesto, CA 95355
1580 Normandy Dr Modesto CA 95351
3900 Northview Dr Modesto CA 95355
520 Olive Ave Modesto CA 95350
3353 E. Orangeburg Ave. Modesto CA 95355
4316 E. Orangeburg Ave. Modesto CA 95355
1124 Pebble Lane Modesto CA 95355
2905 Penny Ln, Apt A Modesto CA 95354
2328 Roble Ave Modesto CA 95354
128 E. Roseburg Ave. Modesto CA 95350
420 e Roseburg Ave Modesto CA 95350
1135 Rosemore Ave Modesto CA 95358
1300 block of E Rumble Rd Modesto CA 95355
309 Scout Way Modesto CA 95351
345 Severin Avenue Modesto CA 95354
2809 Sheffield Ln, Modesto, CA 95350
1408 Stetson ave Modesto CA 95350
1432 Stetson Avenue Modesto CA 95350
1911 Toyon Ave Modesto CA 95350
1308 Turquoise Drive Modesto CA 95355
2412 Warm Spring Drive Modesto CA 95350



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