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RockabillyView By Jennifer Allsup

In the words of Willie Nelson “On the road again” ! Yes, two Modesto View Crew, Michael J Mangano and me, along with Wayne Campbell (Threelle Internet Radio), Christine McGrew and Nicky Richardson (local artist) will be travelling to Cookeville,TN in late August for a 17 day road trip. We will be playing music and scoping out some Rockabilly history along the way.

First stop along our journey is the famous St. James Infirmary in Reno, Nevada on August 24th @ 8p.m. Were you also aware that the Annual Reno Rockabilly Riot takes place during the summer with hot rods, music, vendors and pin-up girls? You might have thought Reno is just for gambling? Now you know there are many kinds of events Reno has for your summer pleasures. We need to bring an event like this to Modesto.

Day two takes us to a place I used to call “the White City of Clouds” when I was young girl. In Salt Lake City, we will meet up with Coby Prevailing Atrocity and discuss a bit of the Rockabilly history and the new age of Rockabilly, I hear they have a huge music scene there that should be rather impressive. I chatted with a few locals and asked via Facebook…what is that draws you to the local music scene in SLC?? Some say “the hot chicks in their hot cars”. Others say the music scene is stronger then it has been in along time, with lots of younger bands ROCKIN’ their music. Can’t wait to find out and see what ideas we can bring to Modesto.

Driving I-70 we will find the Lost Lake Lounge in Denver on Aug 26, hooking up with our friends and bands, Good Neighbor and the Smoke Stack Relics. Then off to Boulder on the 27th to play another show with these fine gentlemen. Speaking of these rockin/kickbutt boys, they will be here in Modesto on August 9th at the Respect at the Prospect show a “Sweet Pea Knickers and Break Stuff Records production, along with Rachael Bonzi’s new band Urban Tumbleweeds. Also on the bill, one of Respect on the Rivers’ favorite performers from New Orleans, Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen. Show starts at 8pm. $10 tickets…So if you like country and rock n roll all mixed together, you should be here!

Rise and shine as the rooster speaks…time to move on down the road you crazy travelers! August 28th we head to Columbia MO. And meet up with some Modesto favorites The Hooten Hallers. This three piece has made a name for themselves here over the last four years. We are so excited to be on their turf. I am looking forward to meeting some of the great artists that have not played here yet but are extremely fabulous; one most I look forward to meeting is a lady by the name of Irene Allen. AMAZING!!

What makes this even more fun to be in the boys’ hood, is that they will here on August 10th at the Gypsy Shack in Jamestown along with Eli Allsup and on August 12th at the Cow Track with Eli & Mike Allsup and The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit. Show starts at 6:30. A Willy Tea show…as he calls bringing the tribes together !

Just about to our destination, Cookeville, TN. @ the 4th annual Muddy Roots Festival. Where Christine McGrew and Nicky Richardson, will be belting out their beautiful talents amongst the other many music acts booked like Legendary Shake Shackers, Viva Le Vox, Joe Buck Yourself, Pokey LaFarge, Hooten Hallers,Lydia Loveless & Rachel Brooke just to name a few. After the festival is over we will be spending a day in Nashville and Memphis and do a little searching of the music scene and then begin hit the road home.

Please, follow us as we go across country on a musical adventure, while we discover the history of music along the way. We will be posting on Modesto View daily with pics interviews and musical talents…bringing it back to Modesto ! Oh’ wait I almost forgot to mention that Christine McGrew and The Rob Hill band will be having their CD Release party on August 14th at the Prospect Theater. GO SUPPORT local TALENTS!!!

Summer is ending and Foundation Tattoo would like to invite you to their Summer BASH at The Brewhouse/Hero’s on August 31st with live music our own Rockin’/Rockabilly band the Pendeltons, art, vendors, food and more ! Go get a hair cut first from Tony Trevino’s old school Barber shop on Drake Ave off McHenry.



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