RockabillyView – Summertime is Coming

By Jennifer Allsup

Summertime is Coming! The sun will beat down on the valley causing us to take out our beautiful swing dresses and Bobby Sox. Whether you go to a summer dance or even take a small vacation, where would your tiptoes take you? My favorite place to journey would be a place where I want to know everyone’s name. A place where you can hear the whistle of a harmonica blowing, and bass strings screaming in the wind. A place that the gentle touch of a strong hand takes me out to the dance floor. It all comes from a daydream of what Modesto used to be back in the 1950’s. I find myself sitting in the window ledge of the big building, gazing at the sunlight. When a man approaches with a twinkle in his eye. “Excuse me, miss? May I have this dance?” A gleam appears across my face. “Why, yes sir. It would be my pleasure to share the sunlight dance with such a handsome fella.” As I jump from the ledge, I see the neon lights sparkle with rhythm. Feeling stupendous with a handsome fella I am confused by the bright lights that outshine the sunlight. A star came across our faces while jumpin’ and jivin’ in the streets of downtown Modesto. Out of nowhere a familiar face takes the streets. Next thing you know Wanda Jackson has a party going on! Wow! What a great summer night! Oh to daydream of what summers we’re like in the 1950’s in my hometown of Modesto. Leaving you with this small tidbit of what Modesto summer nights have in store for you: the city is gearing up for our long-awaited Graffiti nights. Stay tuned for more exciting news for those summer day and nights of an exciting Graffiti summer!

Don’t miss the Elvis Tribute at the State Theatre, June 13 at 7 pm featuring Third Party, Triple DDD, and Kent Whitt and the Downbeats

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