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By Tasha Wilson

During times like these, with the COVID-19 scare, we must ALL come together! Thankfully, Positive Peeps: We know that Modesto is a not only the city of “Water Wealth, Contentment Health,” but even more than that, we are truly, A CITY OF LOVE!

I know I am not the only one who has walked around holding onto a bit of fear within my heart, and plenty of worry on my mind. However, (I know from deep within my soul), when we stand together in love, we strengthen those who surround us.

The world experienced the Great Depression from 1929 to 1933. During that time, the people played games to keep their minds off the disasters that were taking place right outside their doors. We could learn a lot from that past historical period, and quite frankly, WE REALLY SHOULD!

The beauty of the era we now live in, is that even though we’re told to practice “Social Distancing,” we need not practice “Social Exiting!” Hold on! Brace yourself! Get ready for it! Dare I say it? Yup, I’m going to have to! IT’S TIME TO UTILIZE OUR SOCIAL MEDIA SITES!

We can go “Live” with anyone via our phones, tablets, and/or our computers. In fact, the cable and internet companies here in Modesto are providing affordable internet services to ANYONE, while this crisis is going on. Some of the programs begin at $10.00 per month!

GUILTY! Don’t get me wrong, I too am guilty of being a bit of a “Scary Sherrie” when it comes to this whole COVID-19 thing. Nevertheless, we all need to realize that it is A MUST that we “Snap Out Of It!” We need to take consider that our kids are watching our every move! We must recognize that if we have already stepped onto the “Freak-out Bus,” (and are ready to take the ride), our kids are not too far behind us!

I am happy to say, though I had already entered the “Freak-out Bus,” and my two kids each had their tickets, (which I provided): They never hopped on board! Luckily for all three of us, I safely stepped off before the bus departed!

So why not break out the old Monopoly game? How about some spelling fun with Scrabble? Safely distancing yourselves from one another, (if you’re feeling symptomatic), is smart. But keep your children happily smiling, while sharpening their spelling and communication skills. Have genuine, meaningful conversations with each other.

As each of us embark on this new journey, (that may very well end up being an intense few months), let’s get to know each other again. Let’s share a roll of toilet paper with someone! Let’s call someone and tell them. . . . . . . “I just ________________.” No matter what you say in those quotations, know this: The person on the other end, will simply be glad you called.

Stay safe Positive Peeps and most of all, (even if only online or through your cell): SPREAD LOVE!!



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