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Unplugged View – Band of Brothers

Unplugged View
By Aaron Rowan

Band Of Brothers
“The dream world of sleep and the dream world of music are not far apart.” – Linda Ronstadt.

I called up Linda’s nephew Michael G. Ronstadt some years back to talk details of a concert I was soon to host with his family band. I’m normally a man of very few words, but on this occasion, Michael and I chatted until my voice gave out. It took all of three to four minutes to reach that point, because I happened to be in the dentist’s chair at the time and had just been loaded up with Novocain. What can I say? I had a few minutes to kill, and time management is critical when you’re an air-traffic controller (musical airs.) Michael and his father & brother came through with a walloping fun set honoring the Ronstadt musical legacy all the way back to its roots in Mexico and the southwest. Later, the clan migrated back to my place with a few friends for a late-night jam session. One of the more memorable evenings I’ve had the chance to curate.

The older Michael, Linda’s brother, is sadly no longer with us, but Michael G. and his brother Pete will be back in Modesto this month as the Ronstadt Brothers, opening the new season of ‘Sunday Afternoons At CBS.’ Witness the magic at their 3pm matinee on September 8 at Congregation Beth Shalom, 1705 Sherwood Ave. Tickets & more info at

September’s live music schedule at The Dragonfly Art For Life: Friday 9/6, David Finley trio, jamming country, southern rock & blues. Friday 9/13, Zoe Rose, combining country & blues with a bit of punk. Wednesday 9/18, jazz with Alida McKeon & Hunter Burgamy, alumni of the Berklee College of Music. Friday 9/20, Complicated Animals, indie pop blended with Brazilian bossa nova. Friday 9/27, Aireene Espiritu and her trio. Latin & African rhythms, folk, bluegrass, and inspirations from gospel music. Dragonfly concerts run 7:30-9:30 and are $10 cash at door, with extra fees if you’d like to paint while you listen. 1210 J St. in downtown Modesto.

Saturday 9/28, the new season of listening concerts at Moon & Sixpence premieres with a vocal recital by Kalea Jackson, fresh off her Valley Talent appearance. She’s been taking her school talent shows by storm the last couple years. Fellow young artists Jack Douglas, Roxy & Roland Carbajal, and Simon Mize will join her for a few songs. 7 PM at 500 9th St. between E & F, $10 admission.

Intimate performances. Infinite playlist. MODESTO UNPLUGGED.

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