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Unplugged View: Music Box Superhero

Unplugged View: Music Box Superhero
by Aaron Rowan

“I can do this nightlife all day long.” – Garth Brooks

If you have something fresh to offer as either a performing musician and/or as a presenter thereof; AND if you make it a priority to support and attend the events of others who do…you might be a Music Box Superhero. There aren’t too many of us in Modesto, but three of my favorites to support and collaborate with are Roy Stevens (Opera Modesto); Tina Driskill (Sunday Afternoons At CBS); and John Griswold (Red Tie Arts.) If you’ve followed my column regularly, you ought to be plenty familiar with the work of all three. When you read about something really unique happening on our live music circuit, there is a good chance that one of the four of us is involved. What an honor it is to work with those with such vision and such superb musical taste. I try (and usually succeed) to make it to almost all of their live concerts. They’ve got some lovely projects, virtual series, etc. to share in the new year, so keep following this column to find out how you can support.

A couple small showcases happening at the Dragonfly Art For Life at 1210 J St.: December 19, I’ll have opera singer Darby Schmidt, back from her first semester at the Eastman School of Music in NY. She’s one of the most accomplished graduates of Opera Modesto’s ‘Summer Opera Institute.’

December 27, it’s my eighth annual Elegy showcase, featuring a number of area songwriters paying homage to those musicians who have left this life over the past year. Still working on the lineup for this always popular gathering. These are extremely limited-seat affairs, so reach out to for further details & reservations.

Dragonfly gallery owner Barbara Asher has created the illustrations for a new children’s book titled ‘I AM a Superhero,’ the second in a series by motivational speaker and bestselling author Jeanette Paxia. Designed for preschool through third grade kids, the book invites the reader to join a journey of self-discovery and explore their unique traits and talents. Copies are available starting December 7 and will be on display at some of my winter concerts.

Intimate performances. Infinite playlist. MODESTO UNPLUGGED.

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