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UrbanView – April 2011

Cesar Gutierrez "El Venadito”

Cesar Gutierrez "El Venadito”

Welcome Back to this edition of the Urban View by the Fiesta Boyz!

We Interview this month – Cesar Gutierrez “El Venadito” Genre “Musica Nortenia”. With his single, -El Troquero! Already available on I tunes.

We sit down and ask him a few questions about his New Project “El Venadito” and his new music. This interview is in both English & Spanish.

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FBZ: Who are your influence in your music?
(Cesar Gutierrez)
English: When I was a young boy, my father had a Mariachi band and that’s when I started to get interested in music. My father was a big influence in my life because he guided me to where I am at now.
Spanish: Cuando era niño, mi padre tocaba en un Mariachi y desde entonces me empece a interesar en la música. Mi padre ha sido una gran influencia en mi vida porque me ha guiadohasta donde estoy ahora.

FBZ: Where did your musiccarrier start?
(Cesar Gutierrez)
English: As a young adult I sang in talent shows and special events in Jalisco, Mexico. In 2005, I successfully recorded my first album. Now, I want to present my new production that will be coming soon.
Spanish: De jóven, yo cantaba en concursos de talento y eventos especiales en Jalisco, México. En el 2005, pude grabar mi primer disco. Ahora, quiero presentarles mi nueva producción que saldrá a la venta muy pronto.

FBZ: What sets your styleapart from what others in your genre are doing?
English: Most of the songs are classic pieces that have been forgotten throughout the years and I want the public to revive that era.
Spanish: La mayoria de mis canciones son piezas clásicas que en el transcurso de los años han quedado en el olvido y quiero que el público vuelva a recordar esa época.

FBZ: Who was involved in your project?
(Cesar Gutierrez)
English: The productions has been created with the help of my family and close friends.
Francisco Martinez: Acordeon , Julio Sandoval: Tuba, Moises Garcia: Guitarra, Juan Martinez: Bajo Sexto, Arreglos Nuevos. Para Las Canciones: Roberto Martinez Arreglos Del Carro Malandrin: Jose Camacho. Mixing & Mastering: Javier Lopez y Jose Camacho Estudio: Mixlab Studios #2 Modesto CA
Spanish: La producción hasido posible con la ayuda de mis familiares y amigos cercanos. Francisco Martinez: Acordeon , Julio Sandoval: Tuba, Moises Garcia: Guitarra, Juan Martinez: Bajo Sexto, Arreglos Nuevos. Para Las Canciones: Roberto Martinez.Arreglos Del Carro Malandrin: Jose Camacho. Mescla y Masterisasion: Javier Lopez y Jose Camacho, Estudio: Mixlab Studios #2 Modesto CA

FBZ: What is the meaning behind this album?
English: Identify myself with most of my songs because I was raised out in the country and in the farms and that’s what they are mostly about.
Spanish: Indentifico con la mayoria de mis canciones porque yo me críe en un rancho y de eso se tratan mis canciones.

FBZ: Where can we find & buy your music?
Spanish: Pueden comprar mis canciones en iTunes.
English: My songs are on iTunes.



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