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ZenView-Quiet Mind

ZenView By Mary Layton

T’ai Chi and The Quiet Mind

T’ai Chi Ch’uan (translates to ‘Grand Ultimate Fist’) is an ancient Chinese exercise, martial art and philosophy, benefiting the mind, body and a person’s emotional state, all in one. T’ai Chi is famous for its slow and circular movements.

It’s good to slow down, especially as everything in our world is speeding up. T’ai Chi helps to quiet the mind and calm the nerves while exercising and stretching muscles and opening joints.

When you come to a T’ai Chi class the first thing you learn is a sequence of movements called the ‘Slow Set”. It is what makes T’ai Chi a moving meditation.

The mind is focused and preoccupied with elementary things like bending, stepping, shifting weight, turning, extending, circling, lifting and balancing. A lot of repetition not only helps with the memorization of the movements and makingthem your own, but is also what eventually makes the mind quiet and receptive. A quiet mind perceives more and learns better than a busy one. Once the chatter inside subsides, the body relaxes as well. Breathing and circulation of blood and oxygen improve. Even a beginner is able to feel this and leaves the class with red cheeks and a smile.

To find a T’ai Chi class go online : or call : ( 209) 572-4518 for more info



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