ZenView – Transition

By Mary Layton

I would have never thought to witness this experience that we are all now going through in the world. It has given us cause to learn how to transition from old practices of going about our lives and our businesses to more modern and progressive ways of doing things. Whether I like it or not, I am getting that this is a time of great upheaval but also a time where we find ourselves in the midst of a great shift in evolution. Some things will end forever. Some things will just change. We are grappling with how to transition into this new normal, how to figure out a new way of being comfortable in the world. Personally, what I find positive for me is that I have permission to feel parts of me that I wasn’t so in touch with before. I am more aware of boundaries and limits to my energy and that is actually not bad at all. For example, I give myself permission to wait with answering my phone while shopping. It’s just too much trouble while I wear my mask. Besides I get that in order to stay safe I need to give whatever I do, wherever I go, my undivided attention. For sure, overall our lives have seen lots of restrictions, cancellations and loss of things we took for granted. How to transition smoothly from the familiar to the unfamiliar is a big challenge.

Can one practice to be comfortable with transitions? I think it has to do with learning to relax, to listen and to watch. One of the most difficult aspects of learning a mindfulness practice like Tai Chi, for example, is to go from one posture into the next one. The postures themselves are easy. What’s hard is the transition, connecting movements, going from an established place to a new place, much like moving from one house to another. At first, looking at the immensity of moving is overwhelming. Or doing Zoom meetings instead of live meetings. Transitions are just hard for us. We are so used to our old ways and find comfort in the familiar. But I believe that if we want to survive we have to be willing to do whatever may be necessary. Since the beginning of this new era we had to find creative solutions quickly while following the safety guidelines. We have watched things evolve and progress at times faster than we could have ever thought possible. May be what matters now more than ever is to keep a positive attitude and an open mind. There’s an ancient saying: “Life can never give security; it can only promise opportunity. An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.”

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About the Author:

Mary Layton has practiced T'ai Chi for 35 years and co-founded T'ai Chi Ch'uan Academy of Modesto in1995. She and her partner have taught hundreds of students. Mary travels frequently to learn from her teacher Grand Master Kai Ying Tung. Interested in every aspect of health Mary likes to follow a natural path. She loves writing, painting, gardening, hiking and playing piano.