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By Sofia Johnson

As the days get colder and shorter and I scramble to submit my college applications, I have taken a step back and reminded myself that the warmth of my home and the food on my table is not the same reality for many. Luckily, we can help aid the need of our neighbor and give to one of the amazing organizations that Modesto offers, such as food pantries and toys for tots. These donations are especially appreciated now more than ever.

Although 2020 has been like a giant curveball, there are still some traditions that do not have to change. For my family it will be watching holiday movies at our cabin and baking sugar cookies from my grandmother’s recipe. One of my favorite traditions is driving around and looking at Christmas lights; it may even be fun to make a scavenger hunt out of it! I will share some of my ideas for you to try out.

However you may choose to celebrate this month, it is also important to remember that this time of year is especially difficult for everyone. Remember to check in on family and friends who may feel isolated. Schedule a zoom call dinner party, make a quick phone call, or just send a nice text to remind someone that you are thinking of them. But most importantly, stay safe for the ones we love.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt:
•8 Reindeer
•10 Candy canes
•Santa Claus on a roof
•A tree wrapped in lights
•A snowman
•Bonus: Movie themed yard (ex: Nightmare Before Christmas or The Grinch)

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