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ZenView – Gratitude

By Mary Layton

The year is coming to an end, a year full of adversity.
There’s been tremendous sacrifice in all aspects of life due to the Corona virus. What we once took for granted like visiting rights, traveling and gatherings with family, friends and colleagues, our traditions and customs have undergone many painful restrictions and omissions. Yet most people I have been around have shown a lot of strength and resilience. I think instinctively we know that now more than ever attitude is everything and for that I’m grateful! As long as we keep a good attitude, keep putting our best foot forward, help one another and count our blessings, we will prevail. What have you been grateful for this year?

For me it’s been a change in the quality of my life. Instead of quantity, being around many people, visiting many places and doing many different things I feel my life in its present reduction has gained much in quality. The relationships with the few people I still see sometimes have deepened. I’ve been spending so much more time at home and as a consequence our home has become a safe have of comfort and beauty. It feeds my soul. I’m learning to be content with less. An old teacher of mine once said: “Less is more”.
So true.

Looking back on this year I will say that I have learned a lot. My eyes have opened to recognize and be grateful for I what I do have in my life. I realize that focusing on the positive and being less critical of others or myself has made a big difference. Especially when things go wrong, mistakes have been made and there’s disappointment, the sooner I can take my mind to being grateful again the sooner I will be able to recharge my battery and keep going forward with whatever needs to be done next. I can literally feel my body’s reaction when I am able to calm myself with thoughts of gratitude. There’s a breath of relief. I heard on the radio the other day that gratitude benefits our brain functions and mental health. Self-Care is also very important. To know when enough is enough. Maybe I need a break from my devices. Maybe it’s time to take a walk in nature. I feel better right away when I see the big sky above and the trees that look especially colorful and lovely at this time of year. My mind expands. Thank God! Wishing you all Happy Holidays!

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