AllAgesView – Happy October Modesto

By Sofia Johnson

Happy October Modesto!

Now that I am almost two months into my (virtual) school year, I thought that this might be a good time to share my experience with you. This includes what I have found difficult or helpful during this change.

If you had told freshman Sofia Johnson that this is how she would have been spending her senior year of high school, she would have never believed you. Although it has been a challenging adjustment, most schools in the area were already using personal devices so as far as assignments, the change was not very dramatic. What I have found most difficult is getting help from my teachers and overall class engagement. I feel more hesitant to ask for help in an online class than in person. This is because our teachers have to take advantage of every minute for teaching whereas, in person, we might have work time to get one-on-one help and ask questions. Fortunately, our teachers do have virtual office hours that allow for more personalized instruction.

I had also feared that online learning would cause a decline in motivation but for me, it has done just the opposite. My classes have given my days more structure and organization. The workload has been manageable and I have even found time to start a small business, allowing me to take a break from my studies and still feel productive.

Although there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding what the rest of my school year will look like, I am making the most of the time I have as I start my senior year as well as the college application process!

Stay safe, Modesto.

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